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Lipobind And Proactol Celebrity Endorsements

Proactol, Lipobind, Endorsements And Success Stories

On the whole, weight loss and diet products that go after the celebrity endorsement do not add value or or a large degree of credibility to the product – especially considering the fact that the usual practise involves a contract and a fairly large remuneration.

They do, however create brand awareness – but some products have gone slightly overboard and push the boundaries of legality somewhat, especially Hoodia based products.

This has been highlighted by Oprah Winfrey and her constant battle to remove her association with many USA focused Hoodia brands

Oprah Winfrey’s name has been used by many Hoodia branded diet pills over the last few years – Oprah has never stated or suggested that she has used a specific brand or indeed used any Hoodia product.

The UK suffers to a lesser a degree from the celebrity endorsement angle. The UK’s best selling diet pill, Lipobind is a keen advocate of the  familiar face and body promoting its product. Its closest rival, Proactol does not.

This is an interesting juxtaposition

Lipobind And Proactol, The Fat Binders

Lipobind and Proactol are both manufactured and distributed within Great Britain, both are natural fat binders and both can stop a portion of fat from food consumed from being digested.

Recently Lipobind have employed the services of Melinda Messenger, the former glamour model and now television presenter.

Melinda has reportedly lost a stone and half in recent months attributing her weight loss success to a more active lifestyle bourne out of her fitness regime required for Dancing on Ice.


Read How Lipobind Compared To Proactol

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Fastin Diet Pills

Fastin Slimming Pills Review

Fastin Diet PillsFastin is the fast acting thermogenic intensifier specially produced for fat loss and energy – so says the official Fastin website.

The official website also claims that Fastin is now available without prescription for the first time.

The marketing tactic of some diet pills manufacturers is to try to blind with science. References to B-Methyl-Phenethyalamine should not mean great a deal to the average consumer.

There are some diet pills that inadequacies are more than compensated for by aggressive marketing and some effective products let down by bad market presence. Fastin is sort of in the middle.

What Is Fastin

Fastin is (now) non prescription diet pill that tries to draw connections to Pentermine. Phentermine was in its day a potent appetite suppressant that was not without its fair share of side effects and health issues. More about Phentermine

Nowadays Phentermine has lost its clout as modern day diet products are more effective and fairly side effect free. But still Fastin relies on association.

Does Fastin Cause Side Effects

Can cause sickness and fatigue. Your body will need to adapt if you wish to use Fastin for any length of time.

Does Fastin Offer A Money Back Guarantee

A guarantee is offered but only thirty days.

Fastin Summary – Should I Buy Fastin

The perception of Fastin is misleading there are just too many comparison to Phentermine. The products itself is weak and outdated. Mainly US distributed and cost prohibitive for a UK consumer.

The company behind the production have shown several inconsistencies and unusual business practices.

Alternative Diet Pills

Its quite easy to look elsewhere – If you qualify for a prescription diet pill, Xenical is the most likely to be prescribed. Xenical is not available to buy and can only be acquired via GP consultation. More about Xenical

Proactol – A clinically proven fat binder than can stop the absorption of over a quarter of dietary fat. Proactol can be purchased but only direct from their official website. More about Proactol

Hoodia Gordonii – the best selling and most popular natural appetite suppressant. More about Hoodia Gordonii

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Proactol Christmas Discount Offers

Christmas eVoucher From Proactol

Proactol Discount Evoucher CodesDiet pills such as Proactol are particularly effective this time of year – the Christmas party season is now in full swing and overeating can take its toll.

Proactol is a fat binder with a mild appetite suppressant that can stop the absorption of dietary fat and reduce your hunger.

So the effects of overindulgence can be both prevented and negated.

More about Proactol here

Until the new year a special price discount is applied to selected Proactol packages.

Simply visit the Proactol Website and enter the voucher code PRXMAS to claim your discount.

Proactol is one of only a handful of non prescription diet pills that has accreditation and undergone impartial clinical trials.

Proactol is also a Medical Device Type 1(MDD 93/42/EEC) and carries The CE Mark Of Approval.

Proactol is a premier diet product and so does carry a pretty hefty price tag. A  one month supply will currently set you back £60 for one month supply – for this you will receive 120 tablets, enough for 4 tablets per day (or if you prefer 2 tablets per day and stretch the one month supply to two months.)

The discount voucher applies to 4 months and above – The most cost effective way to buy Proactol is to select the 4 month option (you can easily stretch the daily dosage to last for 6 months) then deselect the tracked delivery option.

You are now faced with a charge of £150 (if you input the voucher code PRXMAS)

This equates to roughly £25 per month for a duration of 6 months if 3 tablets per day are taken.

If Proactol does not work for you can call them direct, arrange for refund and collection of surplus tablets.

Proactol is only available from the Official Proactol Website – and cannot be purchased anywhere else online or via retail outlets. If you need to speak to somebody about Proactol you can them direct, the call centre is usually available from about 2pm to late in the evening (GMT) weekdays.

If Proactol does not work for you it is highly unlikely that any commercial diet pill will.

Proactol - top 5 ways to lose weightNational newspaper, the Telegraph recently recommended Proactol after a survey of thousands of successful dieters voted Proactol as one of the top 5 most effective ways to lose weight for 2008.
Read Telegraph Article

Proactol has a 6 month guarantee and excellent customer support. To place your order either use the online order form or give them call.

Proactol are based in Nottingham and distribute worldwide.

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