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Couture Curves Diet Pills

Femme Slender Couture Curves

Couture CurvesFemme Slender produce a range of diet pills and slimming products that are very much aimed at women.

There is nothing ultimately wrong with targeting women as women are more likely to buy a diet product than men.

For the sake of parity there is nothing hormonal in the Femme Slender product range that would restrict men purchasing.

The Femme Slender range is very samey across the board – there are obviously unique ingredients in each product but most include more than a few staples that run consistently across the range.

Other diet Pills in the Femme Slender range are Slim-X and Slinky

What Is Femme Slender Couture Curves

According to the official Femme Slender Website Couture Curves contains exciting new weight loss ingredients that are suitable for women of all ages, shapes and sizes for effective weight management, fat loss and dieting.

Apparently, Couture Curves is the result of 2 years of intense research and development,

There are 8 revolutionary new and ground breaking ingredients included – but a cursory glance at the formula doesn’t reveal anything that could be described as groundbreaking or revolutionary.

Ingredients of Couture Curves

  • Guarana
  • Green Tea
  • Yerba Mate
  • Tetradecylthioacetic Acid
  • Choline
  • N-Acetyl-Tyrosine
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Cayenne

Side Effects Of Couture Curves

Should cause or produce any serious side effects

Where To Buy Femme Slender Couture Curves

Foe more detail and Femme Slender purchase information click here

Does Femme Slender Couture Curves Work

Highly doubtful, there is nothing contained within the mix of ingredients that could do anything other produce a mild stimulating effect.

Looking Elsewhere

The options for looking elsewhere are many –  Read the Slimming Pills Guide to become acquainted with the different diet pills available via prescription and over the counter.

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Zotrim Review

Zotrim Diet Pills Update

Zotrim ReviewIts been a few months since the original Zotrim Review – so, how has Zotrim faired over the last year and is there anything interesting to report?

Well nothing has really changed, in fact the official Zotrim website has remained almost static and has not evolved.

Not that a website should have a bearing on a product and its effectiveness, but one would think that if the last 9 or so months would have brought about any weight loss success stories, they would have appeared – somewhere.

The Zotrim Way

The message that Zotrim tries portray is a good one it has to be said – this taken from its marketing material

“It is estimated that over 50% of adults are overweight and the percentage is rising rapidly.  The reasons why people put on excess body weight are diverse but all share one common attribute that is an imbalance between ‘calories in’ and ‘calories out’.

While it is not too difficult to believe that excess body fat is caused by a slow metabolism or genes, for the majority of overweight or obese adults this is not the case.

Weight is normally put on over time and can take months and years due to a combination of inactivity and sustained, regular overeating.

Researchers have estimated that if we ate an extra one hundred calories a day (this equates to a small portion of margarine), we would gain 1 lb (½ kg) every year.  It is a sad but true fact that over the past decade we have become less mobile, with less physical activity, lots of labour-saving devices and extra TV channels, it is not surprising that many of us eat more energy than we need.”

This is true but such a pity that these wise words cannot backed up by a better product. Zotrim is still a run of the mill fat burner

Where To Buy Zotrim

Zotrim can be purchased online from Boots the Chemist and Express Chemist

Alternative Diet Pills

The options for looking elsewhere are pretty big – a fat blocker or binder  diet pill or an appetite suppressant should provide a greater chance of diet success.

Click here to find out what were the Most Popular Diet Pills Of 2008

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Placebo Diet Pills

Diet Pills And The Placebo Effect

Placebo diet pillsFor anyone who is not familiar with a placebo – a placebo is a form of medication that does not contain any trace of ingredient that counteracts, cures or treats a condition for which it is meant.

In other words a fake or dummy medication.

The human mind is a complex and complicated thing and so sometimes the (unwitting) introduction of a placebo can cause an improvement in health – this is called the Placebo Effect

It is not uncommon for placebo’s to be used in the drug industry to measure the actual effect a new composition against a dummy one. In clinical trials, a placebo may be given to one group of participants instead of the active drug or treatment in order to assess whether the latter is actually effective.

Placebo’s And Weight Loss

Sometimes, the placebo effect has been shown to minimize symptoms better than the actual created drug. Could a diet pill help you lose weight, even if they do not contain any active ingredient?

If a dieter were to be given a course of diet pills that contained nothing by way of active ingredients and told they produced a potent weight loss effect – how would the results stack up against another dieter that was given the exact same diet pill but told they contained absolutely nothing beneficial to weight loss?

As mentioned above, results can be inconclusive,  but this sentence “Sometimes, the placebo effect has been shown to minimize symptoms better than the actual created drug.” highlights the power of the human mind and its potential to heal or right itself.

This also highlights the weakness of the human condition and its over reliance on mental crutches. A human being, it would seem can only heal itself if the mind is in positive mode and has some form of outside assistance allowing it to become almost passive and succumb to the effect be it is real or artificial.

Placebo Diet Pills

The over the counter diet pill industry is guilty of taking the placebo effect to another level. A majority of the things we read or watch on television connected to diet pills are spun positively and sometimes outrageously by the markerteers and advertisers.

Although the intention is not to produce a placebo, some less potent or weaker weight loss formulas rely on the “It says it works – therefore it must work” type mindset of consumers.

The reality though is the placebo effect is short lived, especially in the world of weight loss. The symptoms of obesity are physical and so after the honeymoon period as worn off, the stark reality still exists.

The gap between the ineffective diet pill products and the clinically proven initially can be small – but after time, the desire to lose weight has to be complimented by something that actually works.

If you are confused about diet pills or want to continue your research read the Diet Pill Guide

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