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Appesat Diet Pills Review

Appesat Diet PillsAnother appetite suppressant has hit the shelves called rather uniquely Appesat.

Appesat is available to buy in both the UK and United States without the need for a prescription but via only a few online sources.

It is not yet available to buy on the high street.

So, is Appesat effective for suppressing appetite and ultimately promoting long term weight loss.

What Is Appesat

Appesat contains Bioginate Complex, a patented fibre complex extracted from the seaweed Laminaria digitata. This has been carefully harvested from farms on the French Atlantic coast…. so says the Appesat website.

Appesat is targeted towards a dieter that understands that over eating is the cause of their problem and cannot control food cravings.

How Does Appesat Work

The appetite suppressant within the formula has been developed to be resistant to stomach acid and reside on top of gastric juices for long periods. 

Taken before food, Appesat works by stimulating hunger ‘sensors’ in the stomach lining, which then send a signal to the brain (hyperthalmus) informing it that the stomach is full.

Experts in the field believe that feeling full (satiation) is an essential factor in any diet for successful weight reduction. Because Appesat is active in your stomach before, during and after you eat. This is the theory.

Does Appesat Cause Side Effects

The long term health implications are not yet know, Initial signs are that the natural ingredients should not pose a risk to health.

Does Appesat Work

This product has approval from the UK medicine regulators as safe to use at home – but it is uncertain whether the regulators have give unmitigated approval for effectiveness

Should I Buy Appesat

Appesat is still relatively new – and so if you wish to trial, minimal quantities are advised.

Where To Buy Appesat In The UK

Appesat can be purchased online here

Other Appetite Suppressants To Consider

Hoodia Gordonii is still the most popular and most effective natural appetite suppressant. Hoodia Gordonii is available to purchase without prescription. More about Hoodia Gordonii

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Fastin Diet Pills

Fastin Slimming Pills Review

Fastin Diet PillsFastin is the fast acting thermogenic intensifier specially produced for fat loss and energy – so says the official Fastin website.

The official website also claims that Fastin is now available without prescription for the first time.

The marketing tactic of some diet pills manufacturers is to try to blind with science. References to B-Methyl-Phenethyalamine should not mean great a deal to the average consumer.

There are some diet pills that inadequacies are more than compensated for by aggressive marketing and some effective products let down by bad market presence. Fastin is sort of in the middle.

What Is Fastin

Fastin is (now) non prescription diet pill that tries to draw connections to Pentermine. Phentermine was in its day a potent appetite suppressant that was not without its fair share of side effects and health issues. More about Phentermine

Nowadays Phentermine has lost its clout as modern day diet products are more effective and fairly side effect free. But still Fastin relies on association.

Does Fastin Cause Side Effects

Can cause sickness and fatigue. Your body will need to adapt if you wish to use Fastin for any length of time.

Does Fastin Offer A Money Back Guarantee

A guarantee is offered but only thirty days.

Fastin Summary – Should I Buy Fastin

The perception of Fastin is misleading there are just too many comparison to Phentermine. The products itself is weak and outdated. Mainly US distributed and cost prohibitive for a UK consumer.

The company behind the production have shown several inconsistencies and unusual business practices.

Alternative Diet Pills

Its quite easy to look elsewhere – If you qualify for a prescription diet pill, Xenical is the most likely to be prescribed. Xenical is not available to buy and can only be acquired via GP consultation. More about Xenical

Proactol – A clinically proven fat binder than can stop the absorption of over a quarter of dietary fat. Proactol can be purchased but only direct from their official website. More about Proactol

Hoodia Gordonii – the best selling and most popular natural appetite suppressant. More about Hoodia Gordonii

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Propolene Diet Pills

Propolene Slimming Pills Review

Propolene Diet PillsPropolene is an appetite suppressant that is made by a company called Obesity Research Institute – the same ignominious company behind Lipozene.

Propolene is better known and more commonly sold in the United States whereas in the UK the stockists that supply are few are far between.

Propolene, in name seems far removed from the diet pill industry. So how does it stack up and compare to the many other appetite suppressants on the weight loss market.

What Are Propolene Diet Pills

Propolene contains the active ingredient Glucomannan – which has been trademarked under the name Propol.

Glucomannan is now becoming widely used in diet pills that rely on an appetite suppression effect to help control weight.

It is thought that Glucomannan can absorb up to 20 times its own weight in water. This water retention can create a feeling of fullness for the taker.

Other Propolene Ingredients

Aside from Glucomannan, Propolene contains

  • Excelerene
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Chromium
  • Kola Nut

So there is an element of fat burning taking place with the inclusion of Green Tea Extract

Is Propelene Effective – Does It Work

The question of is Propolene an effective diet pill has been somewhat over shadowed by the company behind the product.

Recently the Obesity Research Institute have been charged by the Federal Trade Commission for making false and irregular claims and made to pay a substantial amount in damages.

Side Effects Of Propolene

Should not cause any serious side effects if taken as recommended.

Is Propolene Recommended

Hard to recommend any diet pills that have a dubious association with unsubstantiated claims. Appetite suppressants stand up on their own and there is not the need to throw in a token fat burning element.

Looking Elsewhere – Other Diet Pills To Consider

Phen375 is fully certified and legitimate slimming tablet. it has been formulated in an FDA approved facility and made from Pharmacy grade and premium ingredients.

Phen375 can burn excess body and also suppress appetite.

More about Phen375



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