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Lipobind And Proactol Celebrity Endorsements

Proactol, Lipobind, Endorsements And Success Stories

On the whole, weight loss and diet products that go after the celebrity endorsement do not add value or or a large degree of credibility to the product – especially considering the fact that the usual practise involves a contract and a fairly large remuneration.

They do, however create brand awareness – but some products have gone slightly overboard and push the boundaries of legality somewhat, especially Hoodia based products.

This has been highlighted by Oprah Winfrey and her constant battle to remove her association with many USA focused Hoodia brands

Oprah Winfrey’s name has been used by many Hoodia branded diet pills over the last few years – Oprah has never stated or suggested that she has used a specific brand or indeed used any Hoodia product.

The UK suffers to a lesser a degree from the celebrity endorsement angle. The UK’s best selling diet pill, Lipobind is a keen advocate of the  familiar face and body promoting its product. Its closest rival, Proactol does not.

This is an interesting juxtaposition

Lipobind And Proactol, The Fat Binders

Lipobind and Proactol are both manufactured and distributed within Great Britain, both are natural fat binders and both can stop a portion of fat from food consumed from being digested.

Recently Lipobind have employed the services of Melinda Messenger, the former glamour model and now television presenter.

Melinda has reportedly lost a stone and half in recent months attributing her weight loss success to a more active lifestyle bourne out of her fitness regime required for Dancing on Ice.


Read How Lipobind Compared To Proactol

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Lipobind Compared To Proactol

Lipobind and Proactol Compared

Lipobind or Proactol

Fat binders are possibly the most effective of the diet pill genres – in recent years non prescription diet pills have grown in stature to rival to the most potent GP prescribed weight loss products.

Two of the UK’s most popular fat binder diet pills go head to head. In the Blue corner is Lipobind and in the green corner is Proactol

Fat binders work by stopping the absorption of fat from food consumed from being digested by the stomach, both Proactol and Lipobind can prevent over a quarter of dietary fat from appearing where you don’t want it to!

At first glance both products appear similar with the main differentiators being discount pricing, accreditation and extra’s. Lets compare.


Advertised almost everywhere – the marketing budget is huge.

This can be a good sign as consistancy, history and public awareness (especially in the UK) point to a product that is here to stay. Boots, Superdrug and Holland & Barrett stock.

Lipobind Success Stories

At present, TV and Radio presenter Katy Hill is the face and body of Lipobind.

Katy reportedly lost over 4st while on Lipobind after the birth of her daughter. Although it has come to light that only a reduction of 10lbs was a direct result of Lipobind.

ex Eastenders star Lucy Benjamin also attributes her weight loss success to Lipobind diet pills.

Lipobind Accreditation

Lipobind is classed as Medical Device Type 1 and has the CE Mark of Approval

Lipobind is officially the UK’s best selling diet pill in its class. The guarantee period of 28 days is disappointing.


Proactol is mostly sold online direct via its own website.

Proactol has been in existence for over 3 years now and enjoyed an almost unprecedented launch success and has enhanced its reputation and consumer confidence year on year.

Proactol Success Stories

Proactol Success Story

Proactol has glowing endorsements from the medical community from both sides of the Atlantic and across Europe.

Proactol recently featured in the Daily Telegraph as one of the Top 5 Ways To Lose For 2008.

The Daily Express featured Laura Price who reportedly shed 6 dress sizes thanks to Proactol.

Proactol Accreditation

Proactol is a Medical Device Type 1, has a CE Mark of Approval, has approval from the MHRA and ERSP

Proactol has the longest money back guarantee period in the industry

Lipobind and Proactol Price Comparison

For anyone concerned about price here is a breakdown.


£24.95 for 60 tablets, cost per a tablet of 42p
£49.90 for 120 tablets, cost per a tablet 42p
£69.95 for 180 tablets, cost per a tablet 39p
£93.27 for 240 tablets, cost per a tablet 39p


£44.49 for 120 tablets, cost per a tablet of 37p
£84.48 for 240 tablets, cost per a tablet 35p
£104.48 for 360 tablets, cost per a tablet 29p
£124.48 for 600 tablets, cost per a tablet 20p (120 tablets Free)
£139.48 for 720 tablets, cost per a tablet 19p (120 tablets Free)
£180.48 for 1080 tablets, cost per a tablet 16p (120 tablets Free)

If cost is main driver then Lipobind initially wins as a starter pack contains a 1 month course that includes 60 tablets for under £25.00 – whereas the lowest Proactol denominator is 120 tablets at £44.49

The more confident you feel that a fat binder will help you lose weight Proactol is much more cost effective when purchased in quantity.


Proactol 360 tablets = £104.48

Lipobind 360 tablets = £143.17


In the battle of the fat binders Proactol does beat Lipobind rather convincingly.

Both products have accreditation from the medical authorities that count and are side effect free – Proactol has approval on both sides of the Atlantic.

This is take nothing away from Lipobind it is the leading diet pill in its class – but does rather give the impression the consumer is paying for the marketing especially when bought in quantity.

Proactol also offers freebies and incentives for purchases which Lipobind does not.

Current Promotions

Lipobind – buy 3 packs (120 tablets) for 69.95 – Visit Lipobind Offer

Proactol – £10 discount and a Free box using promotion eVoucher code CREDPR (click to activate) at checkout – Visit Proactol Offer

Lipobind Special Offer

Proactol Special Offers

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Lipobind Fat Binder

Lipobind Diet Tablets

Clinically Proven Fat Binder LipobindLipobind is another diet tablet that is commonly sold over the counter in health stores and chemists alike. Very much in the same vein as slimming supplements such as Adios.

Lipobind has three diet products in its range:

Lipobind Fat Binder – The standard weight loss tablet

Lipobindvits – Daily weight loss and vitamin tablet

Lipobind Essential – The complete weight loss management pack.

Buy Lipobind £15.95

What Is Lipobind.

Lipobind falls into the fat binder category and fat binders in most cases are made up of organic and natural plant extracts, so less likely to cause any side effects.

Fat binders work by stopping unwanted fat from being absorbed into your body – the unwanted fat can then pass naturally through your body and leave by way of bowel movements.

Lipobind is the UK’s best selling fat binder – But how does it compare to its closest rival. Click here to find out

Lipobind Compared To Proactol

Fat binding is so much more effective than fat burning. For fat burning slimming pills to work the calories in the food you eat have to be taken on by the body – then the fat burning process can start to work, even then it is not a guarantee that the all the calories recently consumed will be completely burned. Fat binding stops calories (around 25% – 27%) from entering your system.

Side Effects Caused By Lipobind

Will not cause any harmful side effect – a 100% natural fibre complex

Does Lipobind Work

To a degree – Lipobind can reduce weight initially but there have been many consumer reports to suggest that the weight lost is put straight back on again – it does not appear to be a sustainable weight management system and is prone to the weight loss yoyo effect.

The two most effective fat stoppers – are Xenical (fat blocker) and Proactol (fat binder)

Read more about Xenical here Read more about Proactol here

Where To Buy Lipobind

Can be purchased from authorised online retailer Evo Slimming, they appear to have the cheapest price currently at £15.95 per packet

Buy Lipobind

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