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Qnexa Diet Pill Daily Express

Qnexa Two In One Diet Pill

A new diet drug has been featured in the Daily Express – Qnexa.

Qnexa is being coined the “Two In One Diet Drug” that can help a woman drop two dress sizes in 12 months.

The diet pill is a combination of two existing drugs, namely Phentermine and Orlistat – more commonly known as Xenical.

Qnexa can also reduce blood pressure and cuts the levels of potentially dangerous blood fats and sugars.

XenicalQnexa seems to be the perfect solution to obesity but there are concerns about the safety of the drug – both Phentermine and Xenical are not without side effect issues and so a combination of the two could spell double the trouble.

The manufacturers have been told to produce more data before it is approved for sale.

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Fastin Diet Pills

Fastin Slimming Pills Review

Fastin Diet PillsFastin is the fast acting thermogenic intensifier specially produced for fat loss and energy – so says the official Fastin website.

The official website also claims that Fastin is now available without prescription for the first time.

The marketing tactic of some diet pills manufacturers is to try to blind with science. References to B-Methyl-Phenethyalamine should not mean great a deal to the average consumer.

There are some diet pills that inadequacies are more than compensated for by aggressive marketing and some effective products let down by bad market presence. Fastin is sort of in the middle.

What Is Fastin

Fastin is (now) non prescription diet pill that tries to draw connections to Pentermine. Phentermine was in its day a potent appetite suppressant that was not without its fair share of side effects and health issues. More about Phentermine

Nowadays Phentermine has lost its clout as modern day diet products are more effective and fairly side effect free. But still Fastin relies on association.

Does Fastin Cause Side Effects

Can cause sickness and fatigue. Your body will need to adapt if you wish to use Fastin for any length of time.

Does Fastin Offer A Money Back Guarantee

A guarantee is offered but only thirty days.

Fastin Summary – Should I Buy Fastin

The perception of Fastin is misleading there are just too many comparison to Phentermine. The products itself is weak and outdated. Mainly US distributed and cost prohibitive for a UK consumer.

The company behind the production have shown several inconsistencies and unusual business practices.

Alternative Diet Pills

Its quite easy to look elsewhere – If you qualify for a prescription diet pill, Xenical is the most likely to be prescribed. Xenical is not available to buy and can only be acquired via GP consultation. More about Xenical

Proactol – A clinically proven fat binder than can stop the absorption of over a quarter of dietary fat. Proactol can be purchased but only direct from their official website. More about Proactol

Hoodia Gordonii – the best selling and most popular natural appetite suppressant. More about Hoodia Gordonii

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Fat Blocking – Fat Binding Diet Pills

Diet Pills That Prevent Fat From Being Absorbed

Fat stopping diet pillsOtherwise known as fat blockers or fat binders – this type of diet pill prevents the absorption of a percentage of dietary fat from being digested.

Some of the reputable fat stoppers are responsible for preventing a quarter of excess fat from the food that you consume.

I layman terms if you did not alter your diet, food portions or lifestyle then only 75% of the fat or calories would effectively count.

This, however is not magic. This is hopefully a simplistic explanation.

Possibly the best known and most effective fat blocker is Xenical Orlistat (we have mentioned many times before.) Xenical blocks (a portion of) fat from being digested.

As this undigested fat is not becoming part of you body mass it has to leave your body somehow – the obvious result is via bowel movements. As with all things that are good there has to be parity, the negative side of fat blockers and in particular Xenical is the orange goo that passes out of your body.

This is a side effect of Xenical – although is it too much of a price to pay to for safe controlled weight loss?

Prescription Diet Pills

Incedentally, Xenical is not for sale – it is a prescription only diet pill that should only be obtained via your GP.

If you look hard enough on the internet you may be able to find an online stockists, but be warned it is highly likely you will be purchasing an expensive (around £100 for a months supply) replica or fake.

A prescription costs around £7 – bootleg or black market Xenical is just not worth the risk from a financial or health perspective.

Non Prescription Diet Pills

Three other fat stoppers of note that can be purchased are Proactol, Lipobind and Alli

Proactol is non prescription fat binder that can prevent the absorption of over a quarter of fat from the food that you consumer. Proactol is sold exclusively via the official Proactol Website

Lipobind works in a similar vein to Proactol albeit in a  reduced dosage – Lipobind can be purchased at major health stores or online from Boots the Chemist or Goldshield

Alli was introduced mid 2006 amid hype emminating from the United States – it is yet to live up to promise. Alli is the commercial strength Xenical More about Alli


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