Lipofuze Fat Burner Review

Can You Lose 10lbs In 10 Days

Lipofuze Fat Burner ReviewVery similar to Apidexin, Lipofuze tries just too hard to convince.

A high majority of diet pills (and in particular fat burners) that are predominantly targeted for American consumers do tend to prefer the wow factor compared to the more considered approach offered by UK focused diet products.

Lipofuze Fat Burner

As mentioned above – Lipofuze is not far removed from several other fat burners currently available – the message that leaps off the page on the official website is:

“Lose 10lbs in 10 days or your money back” – I wonder if any has actually received a refund!

Another marketing soundbite is consistent with US products is to try to eliminate the competition by using bold statements such as:

“Stop Wasting Time And Money On Products That Do Not Work”

Lipofuze Testimonials And Slimming Success Stories

Clinical evidence and scientific study is hinted at, although this appears to be very vague and does not go into finer detail.

The Diet success stories and testimonials are positive (as you would expect) on the Lipofuze website – more impartial and unbiased customer reviews are less forgiving.

Lipofuze Side Effects

Lipofuze is a fat burner, fat burner do have a habit of causing symptoms ranging from headaches, insomnia and a jittery feeling.

Is Lipofuze Recommended

Very hard to recommend

Where To Buy Lipofuze

The official website appears to be the only outlet – it is not available over the counter.

UK consumers may find purcahsing (and possibly returning) problematic as it is distributed from the United States.

Alternatives To Lipofuze

Proactol – a clinically proven and accredited fat binder that reduce fat digestion by up to a quarter.

Proactol or LipofuzeProactol is classed as a Medical Device Type 1 and available to buy direct without the need of a prescription.

More about Proactol


Diet Fuel Diet Pills

Diet Fuel Review

Diet Fuel without EphedraDiet Fuel is another weight loss product that draws attention to the fact that it is Ephedra Free.

Most if all not all of the diet and slimming product that are free to purchase are Ephedra free nowadays as Ephedra and Ephedra derivatives have been removed from the market.

Ephedra is now a banned substance. More about Ephedra

Diet Fuel is produced by Twin Labs and marketed to female dieters although there does not appear to be any ingredients that are gender specific.

What Is Diet Fuel

With the Ephedra ban effecting a large proportion of consumer diet pills, alternative ingredients have to be sought. Diet Fuel now uses caffeine as a main ingredient.

What Are The Ingredients

  • Niacin
  • Biotin
  • Guarana
  • Caffeine

How Does Diet Fuel Work

There are certain benefits that caffeine can provide such as a boost to energy but also some negatives that should not be overlooked. Caffeine has  been linked to muscle dehydration and an unhealthy heart rate.

The official website states that the methodology behind Diet Fuel is essentially, to raise the user’s metabolism so that they burn more calories. While caffeine and guarana both contribute to this goal, both of these substances have also been linked to heart risk and other health concerns.

Is Diet Fuel Recommended

Diet Fuel is just another fat burner that is hard to recommend.

Alternative Diet Pills

Fat binders are possibly the most effective of all the genres. Fat binders work by preventing a a portion of fat from the food that you consume from being digested by the stomach

Two of the best known Fat binders currently available to to buy are Lipobind and Proactol. Read the Lipobind Proactol Comparison

Zotrim Review

Zotrim Diet Pills Update

Zotrim ReviewIts been a few months since the original Zotrim Review – so, how has Zotrim faired over the last year and is there anything interesting to report?

Well nothing has really changed, in fact the official Zotrim website has remained almost static and has not evolved.

Not that a website should have a bearing on a product and its effectiveness, but one would think that if the last 9 or so months would have brought about any weight loss success stories, they would have appeared – somewhere.

The Zotrim Way

The message that Zotrim tries portray is a good one it has to be said – this taken from its marketing material

“It is estimated that over 50% of adults are overweight and the percentage is rising rapidly.  The reasons why people put on excess body weight are diverse but all share one common attribute that is an imbalance between ‘calories in’ and ‘calories out’.

While it is not too difficult to believe that excess body fat is caused by a slow metabolism or genes, for the majority of overweight or obese adults this is not the case.

Weight is normally put on over time and can take months and years due to a combination of inactivity and sustained, regular overeating.

Researchers have estimated that if we ate an extra one hundred calories a day (this equates to a small portion of margarine), we would gain 1 lb (½ kg) every year.  It is a sad but true fact that over the past decade we have become less mobile, with less physical activity, lots of labour-saving devices and extra TV channels, it is not surprising that many of us eat more energy than we need.”

This is true but such a pity that these wise words cannot backed up by a better product. Zotrim is still a run of the mill fat burner

Where To Buy Zotrim

Zotrim can be purchased online from Boots the Chemist and Express Chemist

Alternative Diet Pills

The options for looking elsewhere are pretty big – a fat blocker or binder  diet pill or an appetite suppressant should provide a greater chance of diet success.

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La Muscle Fat Stripper

Fat Stripper Review

Fat Stripper by LA MuscleLA Muscle produce a wide range of diet pills and supplements, though it has to be said most are aimed at the body building and body beautiful market.

Very American in the marketing approach LA Muscle target both sexes and not just the females.

Fat Stripper is one of their most popular products sold worldwide.

What Is LA Muscle Fat Stripper

Very popular in the UK – mostly sold into the body building market, Fat Stripper is a fat metaboliser (or fat burner.)

Fat burners are the weakest genre as far as diet pills are concerned – although if you are extremely mobile (as body builders tend to be) can help burn excess calories.

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