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Free Zotrim Samples

Free Zotrim UK

Zotrim Free Samples UKLose weight naturally is the Zotrim way – it has been the message for the last decade.

Now Zotrim are giving away FREE SAMPLES of their natural herbal weight loss aid – all you pay is the P&P.

Zotrim is one of the most familiar and trusted brands the UK has to offer and a world apart from some of the less convincing diet products that are been exported from the USA.

Free Zotrim Samples

It was sold predominantly via the high street in Boots the chemist, Superdrug and supermarket chains.

More recently they have introduced a new website to encourage online purchases and offer discounts for larger purchases.

To mark the occasion free 2 week samples are being offered to UK customers.

What Is Zotrim And How Does It Work

Zotrim is a  natural and herbal weight loss aid that is produced to reduce calorie intake by suppressing appetite before, during and after you eat and also providing a boost to energy levels giving the dieter extra incentive to burn calories for themselves through mobility.

The principle that Zotrim try to instill is less calories in and more calories out.

Does Zotrim Work

Zotrin has 8 independent documents existing dating back to 2001 with The British Food Journal and Kings College London among the authors – more recently Zotrim was positively featured on BBC’s Diet Clinic.

If you would like to participate in the free trial and receive a 2 week free Zotrim Sample. Visit the official website and sign up.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older and only one free sample per household.

Zotrim Free Samples


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Zotrim Review

Zotrim Diet Pills Update

Zotrim ReviewIts been a few months since the original Zotrim Review – so, how has Zotrim faired over the last year and is there anything interesting to report?

Well nothing has really changed, in fact the official Zotrim website has remained almost static and has not evolved.

Not that a website should have a bearing on a product and its effectiveness, but one would think that if the last 9 or so months would have brought about any weight loss success stories, they would have appeared – somewhere.

The Zotrim Way

The message that Zotrim tries portray is a good one it has to be said – this taken from its marketing material

“It is estimated that over 50% of adults are overweight and the percentage is rising rapidly.  The reasons why people put on excess body weight are diverse but all share one common attribute that is an imbalance between ‘calories in’ and ‘calories out’.

While it is not too difficult to believe that excess body fat is caused by a slow metabolism or genes, for the majority of overweight or obese adults this is not the case.

Weight is normally put on over time and can take months and years due to a combination of inactivity and sustained, regular overeating.

Researchers have estimated that if we ate an extra one hundred calories a day (this equates to a small portion of margarine), we would gain 1 lb (½ kg) every year.  It is a sad but true fact that over the past decade we have become less mobile, with less physical activity, lots of labour-saving devices and extra TV channels, it is not surprising that many of us eat more energy than we need.”

This is true but such a pity that these wise words cannot backed up by a better product. Zotrim is still a run of the mill fat burner

Where To Buy Zotrim

Zotrim can be purchased online from Boots the Chemist and Express Chemist

Alternative Diet Pills

The options for looking elsewhere are pretty big – a fat blocker or binder  diet pill or an appetite suppressant should provide a greater chance of diet success.

Click here to find out what were the Most Popular Diet Pills Of 2008

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Zotrim Diet Pills

Zotrim Herbal Diet Pills

Zotrim Diet PillsZotrim is a classic example of a herbal diet pill that relies on hype over substance. The official website states – Zotrim Is The Best Weight Loss Supplement You Can Take. There are seven published scientific studies as proof – apparently.

Zotrim is not to be confused with Zotrin – Zotrin has two diet products, Zotrin For Men and Zotrin For Women. Zotrim has just the one that is not aimed at any particular sex. Confused?

Zotrim is a run of the mill fat burner – with nothing mystical, miraculous or unique. As a fat burner it is pretty ordinary.

There are three main herbs that make up the constitution.

  • Yerba Mate

  • Guarana

  • Damiana

This fomula has been patented and used by over 5 million poeple worldwide within the last seven years. It is not absolutley clear just how much of each herb is present in the formula.

Yerba Mate and Guarana are used by many fat burning diet pill makers as staple ingredients. Same pill different brand!

Zotrim Side Effects

Unlikley to cause any serious side effects – may cause restlessness and other symptoms that are often caused by fat burning diet pills (which are not to serious and none to frequent)

Does Zotrim Work

A bit of an unknown factor – there are supposed real life stories on the official website, then again they do encourage dieters to send in weight loss success stories in return for prizes.

Should I Buy Zotrim

Fat burners are not recommended – Fat blocking or fat binding diet pills are highly effective. Xenical Orlistat is a popular choice with many UK doctors and is often prescribed to people who are becomming obese. If would like more information about Zotrim click here

Read About Xenical Orlistat Here

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