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Couture Curves Diet Pills

Femme Slender Couture Curves

Couture CurvesFemme Slender produce a range of diet pills and slimming products that are very much aimed at women.

There is nothing ultimately wrong with targeting women as women are more likely to buy a diet product than men.

For the sake of parity there is nothing hormonal in the Femme Slender product range that would restrict men purchasing.

The Femme Slender range is very samey across the board – there are obviously unique ingredients in each product but most include more than a few staples that run consistently across the range.

Other diet Pills in the Femme Slender range are Slim-X and Slinky

What Is Femme Slender Couture Curves

According to the official Femme Slender Website Couture Curves contains exciting new weight loss ingredients that are suitable for women of all ages, shapes and sizes for effective weight management, fat loss and dieting.

Apparently, Couture Curves is the result of 2 years of intense research and development,

There are 8 revolutionary new and ground breaking ingredients included – but a cursory glance at the formula doesn’t reveal anything that could be described as groundbreaking or revolutionary.

Ingredients of Couture Curves

  • Guarana
  • Green Tea
  • Yerba Mate
  • Tetradecylthioacetic Acid
  • Choline
  • N-Acetyl-Tyrosine
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Cayenne

Side Effects Of Couture Curves

Should cause or produce any serious side effects

Where To Buy Femme Slender Couture Curves

Foe more detail and Femme Slender purchase information click here

Does Femme Slender Couture Curves Work

Highly doubtful, there is nothing contained within the mix of ingredients that could do anything other produce a mild stimulating effect.

Looking Elsewhere

The options for looking elsewhere are many –  Read the Slimming Pills Guide to become acquainted with the different diet pills available via prescription and over the counter.

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Slim-X Diet Pills

Femme Slender Slim X

Femme Slender Slim XFemme Slender produce a range of diet pills and weight loss products aimed at the natural health market – Slinky is possibly their best selling product.

Slim-X doesn’t compete with its sister product as Slinky is a fat burner and fat blocker whereas Slim-X has a different appeal and different effect.

Femme Slender is an award-winning and innovative company in the diet and weight loss industry providing effective weight loss solutions exclusively for women of all ages and shapes and backed by scientific research – but more recently the Femme Slender image is aimed more toward the glamorous and dare we say it celebrity.

What Is Slim-X

Slim-X is a natural and safe diet supplements. Slim-X uses the Patented Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) at Pharmaceutical Grade. Although it has to said that CLA is still in the early days as far as clinical research is concerned. Lipitrex is another example of a diet pill that is trying to pioneer CLA. More about Lipitrex

How Does Slim-X Work

Slim-X works by changing your body’s night-time fuel mix as well as enabling your body to make more efficient use of the foods you eat throughout the day. Slim-X is essentially derived from Sunflower Oil.

To date Scientific studies have shown SLIM-X to have strong anti-oxidant capabilities so it can be good for your health. Slim-X really is a great product for women, no matter what your age and size.

Side Effects Of Slim-X

unlikely to cause any side effects as the ingredients are very much natural based.

Is Slim-X Recommended

As an anti-oxidant Slim-X is recommended but whether it can compete with the premier diet pills and weight loss supplements on market is doubtful.

For more information about Slim-X click here

If you are serious about losing weight and want use diet pills that have history of effect and safety – click here


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