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Diet pills to buy over the counter and online without a prescription.

Avesil UK

Avesil Review

The manufacturers of Avesil are keen to underline that you can expect fast and safe weight loss using their product, this is even without participating in any fitness or exercise regime.

The marketing people also draw attention to 284 published studies that substantiate and validate some of the claims of the products efficacy and also to the effectiveness of the ingredients.

Avesil suggest that you can lose up to three times more wight using their product than without.

Avesil now offer a free trial – it is strongly advised that UK customers resist the temptation as this appears to be a US only offer.

What is Avesil

The main ingredients in the formula are Citrimax (which is also described as garcinia cambogia), green tea extract, chromium and caffeine.

When used in tandem the mechanic of action is intended to bun fat, raise the metabolism and suppress the appetite.

Can Avesil Cause Side Effects

Although the ingredients are based on natural sources there are one or two precautions to note.

Pregnant or nursing mothers are asked to avoid using, as are anyone who has has a pre existing medical condition.

The ingredient  Citrimax (garcinia cambogia) is documented to increase symptoms of dementia and could also elevate blood sugar levels.

Is Avesil Recommended 

Hard to recommend from any perspective, particularly if you are from the UK or Europe. There is a distinct lack of real life testimonials and the clinical evidence put forward looks shaky to say the least.

Where To Buy Avesil In The UK

Currently the product looks to bo only available from the official website where the “Free Trial” offer is advertised. It is highly advised to avoid this offer if you are from the UK as shipping charges could be prohibitive.

There is no UK stockists, Boots, Tesco, Superdrug are not likely to stock either on the high street or online

Other Diet Pills To Consider

Capsicum based fat burner Capsiplex is becoming the de facto thermogenic diet pill with sales going from strength to strength in the UK and across Europe.

Capsiplex is helped in no small quarter by some pretty convincing PR – it was coined the miracle slimming pill upon its release and subsequently sold out after just three days. Thankfully it is back in stock.

Find out more about Capsiplex


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Fat Control From Boots

Boots Fat Control Review

Boots the chemist are moving away from stocking third party (non Boots brands) diet tablets in favour of the their own label product under the brand Boots Pharmaceuticals.

Fat Control is typical example that competes directly with a product that has been a regular in store product for many years, Lipobind.

Lipobind is still available at Boots but the feeling is (and obviously) that they position their own product more favourably.

What Is Boots Fat Control

Fat Control is mad up of a patented fibre complex of organic plant source – it is fat binder by definition and works in much the same way as a majority of fat binders.

The fibre complex attach themselves to the fat that we eat to make a gelatinous mass that is too large to be digested by our stomach. This gelatinous mass can then pass through our system and leave naturally via bowel movements.


The product contains: microcrystalline cellulose, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, silica, and povidone magnesium stearate. It is free from any artificial flavourings or preservatives.

Fat Control Side Effects

Should not cause any side effects or adverse health issues if taken as suggested on the documentation

Does Fat Control Work

Fat Binders are a particularly effective genre of diet pill although Fat Control does not really compete some of the independent product currently in existence.

Where To Buy Boots Fat Control

In store at Boots priced around £21 – £23 for one months supply.

Recommended Fat Binders

Proactol Plus is the fat binder was a long history of success. It is completely natural and available without prescription.

Twice winner of the coveted diet of the year, Proactol Plus can help reduce your calorie consumption by 295 per day.

More about Proactol Plus




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CarboCurb Carb Blocker

CarboCurb Review

Carbo Curb ReviewSome diet pills are specifically designed to replace or be used instead of a diet or weight loss plan.

CarboCurb is designed to be used instead of a Low Carb Diet

Whatever your stance is on diet pills, or whether it is fair comparison to rate a diet pill over and above a diet plan, trying to effectively follow a low carb diet is extremely difficult.

There is some confusion as to what food constitutes a carbohydrate and which foods do not.

What Is CarboCurb

A carb blocker produced by by MicroNutra Health, and advertised as the “most effective carbohydrate blocker.”

CarboCurb is targeted towards weight loss, increasing energy levels, help the digestive process and block out carbohydrates that can lead to weight gain.

There are also appetite suppressing ingredients within the formula that can aid portion control

Included Ingredients

The CarboCurb official website is devoid of any real information surrounding its ingredients and subsequent clinical trials.

Is CarboCurb Effective

Without independent study and clinical data it is impossible to state one way or another. The company behind the product MicroNutra Health are reputable business within the weight loss industry and so we will review CarboCurb at a later date when more conclusive data is available.

Alternative Diet Products

Carb blocking of any description is the most effective method for the casual dieter. Carbohydrates in moderation are essential for good health and digestion.

Proactol or LIPObindFat binding is one the most effective diet pill products available via the over the counter market. The UK is lucky to have to have two premier products – namely Lipobind and Proactol. Read how Lipobind and Proactol Compare

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