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Pure Cleanse Pro – Colon Health

Pure Cleanse Pro – Caring For Your Colon

colon cleanse and detoxOne of the major causes of weight gain is not necessarily due to the amount of food that you consume – but the amount of food and fecal waste that your colon (small intestines) is holding onto.

If you seem to gaining weight for no apparent reason, or your diet and weight loss efforts to date do not bring about the desired results – it may be time to think about cleansing your colon.

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Your colon is similar to a coiled tube, about six feet long and has tiny folds and crevasses in it. These crevasses and folds can become clogged with fecal waste that lay rotting for weeks and even months.

Colon cleansingA clogged colon can contribute to so many health issues and ailments, not just weight issues.

It is estimated that 80% of adults that live in a civilized society are carrying from 5lbs to 10lbs of trapped body waste (fecal waste) in their abdomen.

If left unchecked your colon can become toxic – this is known as a “toxix colon”

The fecal matter can also lead to parasitic infestation.

This  excess body waste can cause ailments ranging from:

  • Weight gain
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Bad skin

Pure Cleanse Pro – Colon Cleanse And Detox

The choices available are either obtrusive colon irrigation methods that are both costly and prone to causing injury or the natural oral solutions such as Pure Cleanse Pro.

Pure Cleanse Pro is a completely natural formula containing: Psyllium Husk, Elm Bark, Senna Powder, Artichoke Powder, Aloe Vera, Ginger Root, Fennel Seed and Cascara Sagrada.

The above formula is clinically proven to rid your body of harmful toxins brought about by unexpelled body waste.

Pure Cleanse Pro Is No Longer Available please read DetoxPlus

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Acai Berry Diet Pills

Acai Berry Diet Pills Review

Acai Berry SelectThe Acai Berry is a not a new discovery and yet seems to be creating hysteria in the world of diet and slimming.

The obvious route for the manufacturers to take is combine the benefits of Acai with market potential of a diet pill.

The result is a new hybrid Acai Berry Diet Pill

Before we go any further and for the sake for clarity – Acai is very effective for detox but not as beneficial as it may be portrayed for weight loss.

Acai Berry Featured In Sunday Express

What Are Acai Berries

The Acai Berry is a small purple, grape like fruit that is native to Brazil. Native Brazilians have been using Acai Berries for centuries as a staple food.

Acai BerriesIt is though that nutrients within the Acai have detoxification, cleansing and rejuvenation properties as well as benefits to those who need to shed a few pounds.

The history of Acia – past and present is remarkably similar to the history of Hoodia Gordonii. Both are indigenous to a third world region and both have had an industry built around them to benefit the health of the western world.

The Health Benefits Of Acia Berries

Acai Berries are a natural and rich source of antioxidant and detoxifying carrying anthocyanins that naturally help ward off free radical damage.

For those unfamiliar, Free Radicals are tiny molecules that we are constantly bombarded with everyday. Free Radicals are thought to be the cause of human decay.

The properties within the Acai Berry can help prevent damage to our body caused by pollutants such as cigarette smoke, petrol fumes, industrial waste, food preservatives and other late 20th and 21st century chemicals.

Acai Berry And Weight Loss

The Acai Berry is not directly connected to, nor meant specifically for weight loss, it is not a weight loss solution or diet pill as such although it is often portrayed as such.

Acai is highly nutritious and contains essential fatty acids, monounsaturated fats, vitamins A, E and thiamin, and trace minerals – these are essential for your diet –  not as your diet.

Acai Berry scientific studyA recent study by Agrilife Research showed that introducing the properties within the Acai Berry into the human system produced a significant increase in antioxidant activity in the blood.

Acai Berry Summary

Acai berries are essential for all round health and well being. If you are looking for  one of the better supplements that has a proven track record for human benefit look no further than Acai

If a pure weight loss aid is your preference, Acai Berry Diet Pills are a welcome addition but not a main contributor to your cause.

Oprah Winfrey has also attached herself to the Acai Berry bandwagon and recently featured the benefits several times on her television program and magazine. It should be pointed out that Oprah does not endorse any one specific product.

Where To Buy Acai Berry Diet Pills

One of the better products is 100% Pure Acai Berry

It is made from pure freeze dried Acai Berries and does not contain any filler ingredients or caking agents

Alternative Diet Pills

If you are unsure which diet pill with give you the most weight loss benefit – read What Diet Pills To Buy


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7 Day Detox Diet Supplement

7 Day Detox Diet Pills

7 Day detoxThe 7-Day Detox supplement is very much in the same vein as the diet pill 7 Day Fat Burner. Although not directly a diet pill it is a product that uses a specific timescale for expected weight loss results.

Detox diet products are very much en vogue at present and gaining in popularity. The days of colonic irrigation by using physical apparatus seem relatively prehistoric by comparison.

Detox and colon cleansing products can remove excess waste and bacteria from your small intestines without ridding your body of the essential good bacteria that is often removed from the more evasive techniques.

7 Day Detox Review

The official website is none too impressive and does not seem to built for the long term. There is not a telephone number present and no listed business address should the need for a customer service question arise.

Without wishing to cast too many aspersions gimmicky soundbites such as “7-Day Detox World Record Set” continuing with “She Lost 24 Pounds In 7 Days” tries just that little bit too hard convince

7 Day Detox Ingredients

A detox supplement that is comprised of 34 of the strongest detoxifying substances states the official website once more. It does seem as though this formula has been rather thrown together as most of the ingredients are present in similar quantities.

Side Effects Of 7 Day Detox

An all natural compound that should not pose a threat to health if taken as recommended.

Does 7 Day Detox Work

The detox supplement market is becoming as overcrowded as the the diet pills industry. A large majority of detox or diet products that you may discover via any medium (internet, magazine or television) may appear to contain the elixir of life as far a weight loss and health and well being are concerned – but closer examination may reveal that no serious medical research has been carries out and no accreditation gained from the organisations that count, namely MHRA and the FDA.

Bearing this in mind the 7 Day Detox has no clinical proof obtained nor does it carry any accreditation that is recognised industry wide.

Is 7 Day Detox Recommended

As far as the UK market is concerned, the 7-Day Detox is aimed very much at the USA – shipping costs could prove prohibitive even for experimental purposes.

The 7 Day Detox will most likely not harm you in anyway but realistically it may not live up to promise.

Other Detox products To Consider

DetoxPlus is premium grade colon cleansing product that tackles the effects of poor colon health.

DetoxPlus is a serious Detox and colon cleansing product that is available to buy from an authorised UK reseller.

More about DetoxPlus






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