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Acai Berry diet pills – a natural rich source of vitamins and minerals that have a proven benefit to human health. Acai berries can prevent damage from free radicals, aid the detox process and also help with weight loss diet and slimming.

Pro Action Hoodia And Acai

Pro Action Acai And Hoodia

Two products that are currently in circulation are Pro Action Acai and Pro Action Hoodia – they can be purchased as a combination twin pack or separately.

Both Hoodia and Acai are incredibly popular and both have a proven benefit to not only weight loss buy all round human health.

The company behind the above two products have not done themselves any favours – there apear to be a number complaints concerning business practises and the free trial that they were operating.

Free trials are a standard and much used tactic whereby a sample product can be order for the price of shipping and handling (P&P) – in most cases this is correct and above board but on occasions businesses get it wrong. The company behind Proaction Acai and Hoodia appear to have got it wrong by making the cancelation process not the easiest process to follow.

Business practices aside what about the products.

Pro Action Hoodia

Hoodia Gordonii is quite possibly the most well known natural appetite suppressant in existence. It has been available to buy almost everywhere for over a decade. Recently new EU legislation meand that Hoodia can longer be bought or sold in the United Kingdom.

So that pretty much puts paid to the Pro Action Hoodia Review. Good, bad or indifferent it cannot be obtain within Great Britain.

Pro Action Acai

Acai on the other hand is still available to buy – it is largely regarded to be the number 1 superfood that can benefit human health in numerous ways.

Acai can not only aid the weight loss process but can also detoxify the system. Acai can also prevent and safeguard against disease.

The main problem that faces Acai and its reputation is the high proliferation of dubious products in circulation. Some Acai product contains the merest hint of the fruit while other blatantly are devoid of anything resembling it.

Pro Action Acai does not instil confidence by not declaring which side of the Acai fence it sits.

There are are several other Acai products to consider over and above Proaction’s product – Evolution Slimming’s 100% Pure Acai is a perfect example of what an Acai product should be.

Its no surprise that when the media want to a feature or run an article on the benefits of Acai, The Evolution Slimming product is usually the one that gets the limelight.

More about 100% Pure Acai


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Best Pure Acai Berry Capsules UK

High Strength Pure Acai Berry Capsules

The Acai Berry is one the most discussed, most commonly sold and most misunderstood of the superfruits. It is also the most beneficial to not just weight loss but to the detox process, it is a superb anti oxidant.

But, and there always is a but – the Acai Berry industry is proliferated with some rather “dodgy” products. Some are as far removed from containing Acai as a tin of baked beans.

Pure Acai, though is a legitimate product and rightly deserves the brand name 100% Pure Acai Berry

Acai Berry And DetoxPlus Combo Deals

Pure Acai has been featured in the Sunday Express, Daily Mail and numerous times on daytime television. It is the UK’s most popular Acai capsule.

100% Pure Acai Berry Capsules

It pretty much contains what it says on the bottle, 100% pure undiluted freeze dried acai berry and 700mg to boot.

The salient point (or points) to note here is that is the acai contained is freeze dried immediately after harvest, as soon as the berry is picked it starts to die and lose its benefit. Pure Acai Berry is freeze dried so that when the ingredient is encapsulated it contains the maximum goodness.

The second point to note (this is where the baked bean reference comes into play) a large majority of commercial Acai capsules contain extract – you not want to buy extract, it is dust, it is useless by comparison. You need the actual acai ingredient it is easy to spot it is purple in colour.

What Does Acai Berry Do

You have probably read a lot of conflicting information about Acai – so to set the record straight this is what it could do for you

  • Weight Loss – Acai berries can help you greatly to shed additional weight or excess body fat. Acai is very rich in antioxidants and can help convert excess body fat into fuel.
  • Raise Your Metabolism – this newly converted fuel can give you additional energy giving you the impetuous to be more mobile.
  • Fight Tiredness & Fatigue – additional energy creates a higher state of alertness, improves concentration  and can increase stamina levels
  • Antioxidant – one of the most important benfits of the berry is its functionaility to rid the body of harmful toxins. Free Radicals are tiny atoms that are all around us caused by pollution and 21st century life. Free Radicals can cause premature ageing and disease. Acai can greatly reduce Free Radical damage.
  • Protein Levels –  The berry is a rich source of protein and no less than 19 amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, there is approx. 8 grams of protein in a 100 gram serving of Acai.
  • Vitamins And Minerals – Vitamins B1, B2, B3 as well as Vitamin E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc are all packed into this little purple berry.

Where To Buy Pure Acai Capsules

Currently available through the UK’s sole distributor Evo Slimming.

A one month supply costs £29.99 with discounts available on multi months purchases.

There are also combination packages available to buy that include the excellent DetoxPlus

Buy Pure Acai Berry Capsules





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Acai Berry Diet Pills

Acai Berry Diet Pills Review

Acai Berry SelectThe Acai Berry is a not a new discovery and yet seems to be creating hysteria in the world of diet and slimming.

The obvious route for the manufacturers to take is combine the benefits of Acai with market potential of a diet pill.

The result is a new hybrid Acai Berry Diet Pill

Before we go any further and for the sake for clarity – Acai is very effective for detox but not as beneficial as it may be portrayed for weight loss.

Acai Berry Featured In Sunday Express

What Are Acai Berries

The Acai Berry is a small purple, grape like fruit that is native to Brazil. Native Brazilians have been using Acai Berries for centuries as a staple food.

Acai BerriesIt is though that nutrients within the Acai have detoxification, cleansing and rejuvenation properties as well as benefits to those who need to shed a few pounds.

The history of Acia – past and present is remarkably similar to the history of Hoodia Gordonii. Both are indigenous to a third world region and both have had an industry built around them to benefit the health of the western world.

The Health Benefits Of Acia Berries

Acai Berries are a natural and rich source of antioxidant and detoxifying carrying anthocyanins that naturally help ward off free radical damage.

For those unfamiliar, Free Radicals are tiny molecules that we are constantly bombarded with everyday. Free Radicals are thought to be the cause of human decay.

The properties within the Acai Berry can help prevent damage to our body caused by pollutants such as cigarette smoke, petrol fumes, industrial waste, food preservatives and other late 20th and 21st century chemicals.

Acai Berry And Weight Loss

The Acai Berry is not directly connected to, nor meant specifically for weight loss, it is not a weight loss solution or diet pill as such although it is often portrayed as such.

Acai is highly nutritious and contains essential fatty acids, monounsaturated fats, vitamins A, E and thiamin, and trace minerals – these are essential for your diet –  not as your diet.

Acai Berry scientific studyA recent study by Agrilife Research showed that introducing the properties within the Acai Berry into the human system produced a significant increase in antioxidant activity in the blood.

Acai Berry Summary

Acai berries are essential for all round health and well being. If you are looking for  one of the better supplements that has a proven track record for human benefit look no further than Acai

If a pure weight loss aid is your preference, Acai Berry Diet Pills are a welcome addition but not a main contributor to your cause.

Oprah Winfrey has also attached herself to the Acai Berry bandwagon and recently featured the benefits several times on her television program and magazine. It should be pointed out that Oprah does not endorse any one specific product.

Where To Buy Acai Berry Diet Pills

One of the better products is 100% Pure Acai Berry

It is made from pure freeze dried Acai Berries and does not contain any filler ingredients or caking agents

Alternative Diet Pills

If you are unsure which diet pill with give you the most weight loss benefit – read What Diet Pills To Buy


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