7 Day Detox Diet Supplement

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7 Day Detox Diet Pills

7 Day detoxThe 7-Day Detox supplement is very much in the same vein as the diet pill 7 Day Fat Burner. Although not directly a diet pill it is a product that uses a specific timescale for expected weight loss results.

Detox diet products are very much en vogue at present and gaining in popularity. The days of colonic irrigation by using physical apparatus seem relatively prehistoric by comparison.

Detox and colon cleansing products can remove excess waste and bacteria from your small intestines without ridding your body of the essential good bacteria that is often removed from the more evasive techniques.

7 Day Detox Review

The official website is none too impressive and does not seem to built for the long term. There is not a telephone number present and no listed business address should the need for a customer service question arise.

Without wishing to cast too many aspersions gimmicky soundbites such as “7-Day Detox World Record Set” continuing with “She Lost 24 Pounds In 7 Days” tries just that little bit too hard convince

7 Day Detox Ingredients

A detox supplement that is comprised of 34 of the strongest detoxifying substances states the official website once more. It does seem as though this formula has been rather thrown together as most of the ingredients are present in similar quantities.

Side Effects Of 7 Day Detox

An all natural compound that should not pose a threat to health if taken as recommended.

Does 7 Day Detox Work

The detox supplement market is becoming as overcrowded as the the diet pills industry. A large majority of detox or diet products that you may discover via any medium (internet, magazine or television) may appear to contain the elixir of life as far a weight loss and health and well being are concerned – but closer examination may reveal that no serious medical research has been carries out and no accreditation gained from the organisations that count, namely MHRA and the FDA.

Bearing this in mind the 7 Day Detox has no clinical proof obtained nor does it carry any accreditation that is recognised industry wide.

Is 7 Day Detox Recommended

As far as the UK market is concerned, the 7-Day Detox is aimed very much at the USA – shipping costs could prove prohibitive even for experimental purposes.

The 7 Day Detox will most likely not harm you in anyway but realistically it may not live up to promise.

Other Detox products To Consider

DetoxPlus is premium grade colon cleansing product that tackles the effects of poor colon health.

DetoxPlus is a serious Detox and colon cleansing product that is available to buy from an authorised UK reseller.

More about DetoxPlus






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