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CarboCurb Carb Blocker

CarboCurb Review

Carbo Curb ReviewSome diet pills are specifically designed to replace or be used instead of a diet or weight loss plan.

CarboCurb is designed to be used instead of a Low Carb Diet

Whatever your stance is on diet pills, or whether it is fair comparison to rate a diet pill over and above a diet plan, trying to effectively follow a low carb diet is extremely difficult.

There is some confusion as to what food constitutes a carbohydrate and which foods do not.

What Is CarboCurb

A carb blocker produced by by MicroNutra Health, and advertised as the “most effective carbohydrate blocker.”

CarboCurb is targeted towards weight loss, increasing energy levels, help the digestive process and block out carbohydrates that can lead to weight gain.

There are also appetite suppressing ingredients within the formula that can aid portion control

Included Ingredients

The CarboCurb official website is devoid of any real information surrounding its ingredients and subsequent clinical trials.

Is CarboCurb Effective

Without independent study and clinical data it is impossible to state one way or another. The company behind the product MicroNutra Health are reputable business within the weight loss industry and so we will review CarboCurb at a later date when more conclusive data is available.

Alternative Diet Products

Carb blocking of any description is the most effective method for the casual dieter. Carbohydrates in moderation are essential for good health and digestion.

Proactol or LIPObindFat binding is one the most effective diet pill products available via the over the counter market. The UK is lucky to have to have two premier products – namely Lipobind and Proactol. Read how Lipobind and Proactol Compare

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Simply Natural Carb Blocker

Simply Natural Carb Blocker with Phase 2

Carb Blocker Diet Pills

Simply Natural produce a range of diet pills and detox products with safety and effeciency in mind. The Carb Blocker product is no different – it has all the accreditations needed to put your trust in as far as safety is concerned.

Aimed at people who struggle to avoid starchy and sugary foods.

Some carb blockers contain the substance Chitosan – that comprises of shellfish extracts, such as crabs and shrimps. Chitosan has not been thoroughly and clinically tested on humans.

Simply Natural Carb Blocker, gladly is not Chitosan based.


  • Phaseomaline 2250 250mg
  • Vitamin C (Absorbic Acid) 25mcg
  • Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose) 100m
  • Guarana P.E ( 22% Caffeine) 40mg

The ingredient Phaseomaline 2250 is also known as Phase 2 – a combination of subsatnaces that are derived from white kidney bean.

Clinical studies (on humans) have shown that Phaseomaline 2250 can reduce the absorbtion of carbohydrates and starchy foodstuff by over 80%.

Side Effects From Simply Natural Carb Blocker

Should not cause a side effects if taken as directed.

Do Carb Blocker Diet Pills With Phase 2 Work

To a degree – if your diet has a high startch content: pasta, rice, potatoes etc, then certainly you will notice some benefit. Diet pills that block carbohydrates are a good basis to start.

Where To Buy Carb Blockers With Phase 2

Buy Simply Natural Carb Blocker with Phase 2 direct by clicking here

Alternative Diet Pills

For information about the UK’s most effective diet pills both prescription and non prescription here

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LipoSeduction Carb Blocker

LipoSeduction 2250 Carb Blocker

LipoSeduction Carb BlockersLose Weight – 15lbs in 30 Days Or Your Money Back, Guaranteed – this is the opening message on the LipoSeduction website.

A rather ambitious statement to put it mildly.

Lipo Seduction is a carb blocker or carb blocking slimming pill that apparently has 2250mg of active ingredients per serving – hence the name LipoSeduction 2250.

The marketing material claims that – you’ll eat less, be full faster, and be able to look forward to a large proportion of your fat and carbohydrate calories being blocked.

Judging by the ingredients listed there is nothing unique about the formula.

LipoSeduction Ingredients

  • Chitosan – a natural carb blocking ingredient that is based around shellfish
  • White Kidney Bean – or Phaseolus Vulgaris, can effect the absorption of fat
  • Glucomannan – a source of fibre

An equal amount of each ingredient is present – the inclusion of Chitosan could be considered unwise as little clinical data exists to suggests it works for weight loss or indeed safe.

Side Effects Of LipoSeduction

Chitosan apart, the other two ingredients are unlikely to cause any harmful side effects.

Does Lipo Seduction Work

The weight loss claims made are rather ambitious – real problem lies in the connection LipoSeduction has with Orovo and Lipovox. Read about Orovo here and Lipovox here. Carb blocking can be effective for certain people if their diet is based largely around foodstuffs such as: rice, potatoes, pasta and bread.

Should I buy LipoSeduction

The Orovo and  Lipovox connection is off putting – as far as carb blockers are concerned Dietrine is a better option. Read the Dietrine review here

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