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Dieters Cheating Caps

Dieters Cheating Caps Diet Pills

A diet pill product that invites you to cheat is a novel idea – but taking diet pills to help you lose weight cannot be classed as cheating in much the same that taking aspirin to help a headache isn’t either.

So what does the cheat connection really mean? Could it be that after purchasing Dieters Cheating Caps from their unofficial looking official website the only way to contact the company is via an email address.

Its not unusual for a diet pill product to pitch itself in comparison to one of its rivals but it does seem that using Alli is rather strange choice – Alli is a fat blocker and a reasonable one at that if you can cope with the unpleasant, although not dangerous side effects. Read about Alli

What Are Dieters Cheating Caps

Yet another brand of diet pills that try to bundle several genres together to form a super pill. Dieters Cheating Caps is a fat blocker, carb blocker and an appetite suppressant.

Glucomannan – this is the appetite suppressing element. Glucomannan is proven to help you less the Diets Cheating Caps Co. tells us – but proven by whom. Two of the best appetite suppressants available to man are the drug based Phentermine and the natural, Hoodia

Chitosan – this is the fat blocker, Chitosan is derived from the extracts of shellfish such as shrimps and crabs. Chitosan has not be thoroughly tested on humans for effect or safety. Fat blockers and fat binders are possibly the most effective genre of diet pills – unfortunately Chitosan doesn’t fall into this category. Read about Fat Blockers

Phaseolus Vulagaris – this provides the carb blocker element and does sound like a magic spell used by Harry Potter et al but Phaseolus Vulgaris is White kidney Bean extract and used by a number of diet pill manufacturers as an ingredient, but not potent enough as a main ingredient.

Dieters Cheating Caps Side Effects

The inclusion of Chitosan is a worry – any ingredient that has not be thoroughly tested on human is of concern.

Dieters Cheating Caps Reviews And Testimonials

The official website obviously gives glowing consumer feedback – other less biased sources are not quite so flattering

Do Dieters Cheating Caps Work

The three powerful ingredients to suppress appetite, block fat and block carbs are not so powerful – so draw your own conclusions.

Should I Buy Dieters Cheating Caps

A Uk consumer should leave alone – a very much USA based product. Lack of contact details and phone number could well cause problem should a customer service issue arise.

Alternative Diet Pills

Proactol Plus is fully licensed fat binder and available to buy without prescription.

Proactol Plus can stop the absorption of around 27% of fat from the food that you eat. It can be responsible for saving you approximately 280 calories per day.

Proactol Plus has a rather unique story to tell.

Read the Proactol Plus story



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Slinky Diet Pills

Femme Slender Slinky

Slinky by Femme Slender

Femme Slender produce a range of range of diet pills and weight loss products with Slinky being the diet pill that is loved by models and celebrities alike.

Although testimonials on the official Femme Slender website does not portray any success stories from any real major celebrities.

Diet Pills that actually work is a headline that grabs the attention. So, does Slinky by Femme Slender work.

Slinky Fat Burner and Fat Blocker

Slinky is billed a two amazing diet pills in on – a Fat Burner and a Fat Blocker. Slinky is another diet pill that claims to be the world’s first.

It is aimed a women who do not have enough time to be able to eat right all the time.

How Do Slinky Slimming Pills Work

It is quite unusual to combine a fat burner with a fat blocker in one tablet. The fat burning compound is not explained in depth and so cannot be delved into too deeply – For a better explanation as to how fat burners work click here.

Chitosan is included in the list of ingredients – Chitosan is derived from shellfish and to date has not much by way of clinical proof – certainly not on humans anyway. More about Chitosan here.

The main emphasis seems to be fat blocking – fat blocking (stopping the absorption of fat intake) is highly effective. Whether the Slinky compound is potent enough is another question.

Slinky Ingredients

  • Chitosan
  • Piccolinate
  • Chroromium
  • L Carnitine
  • Betaine
  • Inositol
  • Methionine
  • Choline Bitartate

Slinky Side Effects

Should not produce any alarming side effects, although the long term ramifications of Chitosan are yet to be discovered.

Does Slinky Work

Slinky does seem to contain most of the right ingredients but is rather let down by the inclusion Chitosan. To compete in the fat stopping (fat blocking) genre it needs to compete against the likes of the prescription Xenical and non prescription Proactol, which sadly it does not.


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Simply Natural Carb Blocker

Simply Natural Carb Blocker with Phase 2

Carb Blocker Diet Pills

Simply Natural produce a range of diet pills and detox products with safety and effeciency in mind. The Carb Blocker product is no different – it has all the accreditations needed to put your trust in as far as safety is concerned.

Aimed at people who struggle to avoid starchy and sugary foods.

Some carb blockers contain the substance Chitosan – that comprises of shellfish extracts, such as crabs and shrimps. Chitosan has not been thoroughly and clinically tested on humans.

Simply Natural Carb Blocker, gladly is not Chitosan based.


  • Phaseomaline 2250 250mg
  • Vitamin C (Absorbic Acid) 25mcg
  • Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose) 100m
  • Guarana P.E ( 22% Caffeine) 40mg

The ingredient Phaseomaline 2250 is also known as Phase 2 – a combination of subsatnaces that are derived from white kidney bean.

Clinical studies (on humans) have shown that Phaseomaline 2250 can reduce the absorbtion of carbohydrates and starchy foodstuff by over 80%.

Side Effects From Simply Natural Carb Blocker

Should not cause a side effects if taken as directed.

Do Carb Blocker Diet Pills With Phase 2 Work

To a degree – if your diet has a high startch content: pasta, rice, potatoes etc, then certainly you will notice some benefit. Diet pills that block carbohydrates are a good basis to start.

Where To Buy Carb Blockers With Phase 2

Buy Simply Natural Carb Blocker with Phase 2 direct by clicking here

Alternative Diet Pills

For information about the UK’s most effective diet pills both prescription and non prescription here

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