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Propolene diet pills review – all about the fat burning slimming Propolene. Does it work and what are the side effects

Propolene Diet Pills

Propolene Slimming Pills Review

Propolene Diet PillsPropolene is an appetite suppressant that is made by a company called Obesity Research Institute – the same ignominious company behind Lipozene.

Propolene is better known and more commonly sold in the United States whereas in the UK the stockists that supply are few are far between.

Propolene, in name seems far removed from the diet pill industry. So how does it stack up and compare to the many other appetite suppressants on the weight loss market.

What Are Propolene Diet Pills

Propolene contains the active ingredient Glucomannan – which has been trademarked under the name Propol.

Glucomannan is now becoming widely used in diet pills that rely on an appetite suppression effect to help control weight.

It is thought that Glucomannan can absorb up to 20 times its own weight in water. This water retention can create a feeling of fullness for the taker.

Other Propolene Ingredients

Aside from Glucomannan, Propolene contains

  • Excelerene
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Chromium
  • Kola Nut

So there is an element of fat burning taking place with the inclusion of Green Tea Extract

Is Propelene Effective – Does It Work

The question of is Propolene an effective diet pill has been somewhat over shadowed by the company behind the product.

Recently the Obesity Research Institute have been charged by the Federal Trade Commission for making false and irregular claims and made to pay a substantial amount in damages.

Side Effects Of Propolene

Should not cause any serious side effects if taken as recommended.

Is Propolene Recommended

Hard to recommend any diet pills that have a dubious association with unsubstantiated claims. Appetite suppressants stand up on their own and there is not the need to throw in a token fat burning element.

Looking Elsewhere – Other Diet Pills To Consider

Phen375 is fully certified and legitimate slimming tablet. it has been formulated in an FDA approved facility and made from Pharmacy grade and premium ingredients.

Phen375 can burn excess body and also suppress appetite.

More about Phen375



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