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Hoodia P7 Review

Does Hoodia P57 Work

Hoodia P57 appetite suppressantThere are countless Hoodia branded products available to buy either on the high street or via the web. Most brands originate from the states.

US Hoodia diet products are often half the price of products available in the UK – the reason for this is little known.

A large majority of stateside products do not contain the raw powder, preferring to use the cheaper and relatively ineffective extract.

What Is Hoodia P57

The manufacturers claim that raw powder is used in production the official website also states that 100% South African is supplied in each and every capsule – no filler ingredients, no stimulants and nothing other than pure Hoodia Gordonii powder. So we are off to good start.

What Does It Do

If you are unfamiliar with Hoodia what it is and what is does – read Hoodia FAQ

Hoodia is in all probability the most effective natural appetite suppressant in existence. Hoodia is herbal based and is not likely to casue a side effects.

This particular brand (Hoodia P57) has several doubts concerning its authenticity.

Where To Buy Genuine Hoodia

Authnebtic or genuine Hoodia is usually covered by a CITES certificate, there is no way of stating with any real certainty if the ingredient used in Hoodia P57 is genuine.

The UK is responsible for 2 of the finest products not just only in the UK by worldwide. It is highly advised to buy Hoodia only from UK situation companies.

Read more about Buying Hoodia In the UK

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Hoodia Cheap Hoodia

Buy Cheap Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills

Hoodia Gordonii is the best natural appetite suppressent to buy without the need of a prescription – regular visitors have heard this all too often, but this does not change the fact that we recieve countless questions asking us if xxxx Hoodia product works or if Hoodia Gordonii YYYY is the genuine article.

The Buy Cheap Hoodia Gordonii advertisements that are thrust upon us is really a contradiction in terms. Hoodia Gordonni (pure South African origin) is not cheap – in fact its pretty damn expensive for a slimming pill or appetite suppressant.

Buy Hoodia Gordonii Cheap

The reasons for this, if anyone is interested, is that it can take 4 years for the appetite suppressing agent within the Hoodia Gordonii plant to be extracted. So something that is 4 years in making will not be cheap. The phrase Cheap Hoodia is a misnomer!

There are hundreds of Hoodia products that are manufactured across the globe – it is likley that Hoodia products account for 10% of the worlds commercial diet pill industry.The best way for checking if a Hoodia appetite suppressant is genuine is to look for 3 things

  1. Does it have a CITES certificate

  2. Does it contain the p57  molecule

  3. Does it contain 400mg of Pure Hoodia powder (not 200mg or even 700mg but 400mg)

A side note from this – especially regarding the CITES certificate. Hoodia is now becomming an endangered species and so requires a Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species certificate. This used to be a major tell tale sign for picking the genuine article. Some manufactuers have become wise to this and have started either using another companies document or amusingly giving themselves their own accreditation!

Point 2. details the p57 molecule – without going into great detail the Hoodia plant as a whole is pretty useless for weight loss – it is only this one element known as p57 or the p57 molecule that has an impact on appetite.

Point 3. is a master stroke by the cheap Hoodia suppliers – “Why not advertise our product as having 700mg.”  there is mathetical equation that is far too boring to explain in any great length – it is not the Hoodia extract that you want present in your slimming pill but the pure, 4 years in making, raw Hoodia p57 powder. 400mg will fill an industry sized capsule (or vegecap.)

We have recommended readers to give Pure Hoodia serious consideration if they want to use an appetite suppressant as part of their diet or weight loss plan.

A huge majority of Hoodia product suppliers last a few years before rebranding an re emerging under a different name. Quite simply Pure Hoodia have been in existance since 1996 – The official Pure Hoodia website proves this!!!

Pure Hoodia have written permission from the MHRA – Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to harverst, import and sell. There is not another UK based Hoodia supplier that has this.

Visit the Pure Hoodia Website

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What Diet Pills To Buy

What Diet Pills Are Most Effective

Trying to navigate around the diet pill industry can be very time consuming, frustrating and leave us feeling none-the-wiser.

Who do we believe, has marketing gone just too far. The makers of consumer diet pills are trying to claim a stake of a billion pound/dollar industry and try not to let fact get in the way when promoting their latest weight loss tablet.

It is us the poor punter that suffers, we have taken note of the media hysteria surrounding weight loss, health and fitness and decided to do something about our weight. Diet pills seem such an easy solution.

We have busy lives and so popping a pill or two is an ideal and lazy way to lose weight. But are we just too trusting in the message the weight loss industry is telling.

A large proportion of consumer diet pills available to us to freely purchase have no medical backing, have undergone absolutely no clinical trials and have no certification to back up their weight loss claims.

If we are unlucky (or lucky) enough to have a high BMI we may be eligible for a doctor prescribed diet pill, Xenical would be the most likely as it is considered by much of the medical profession as highly effective. But due to cost a GP is not likley to prescribe as the cost of prescription does not cover manufacturing costs.

So what do we do if we are not considered dangerously overweight or obese, what should we do if we want to lose weight and have no hope of our GP giving us a course of tablets that will give us the shape and physique that we want. Who do we trust.

Most diet pill manufacturers will want to supply their product to as many outlets as possible to maximise profits. This is a tell tale sign that the product may more geared toward to the coffers of the makers rather than the benefit of the consumer.

What are the top 3 diet pills available to buy in the UK


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