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Hoodia P7 Review

Does Hoodia P57 Work

Hoodia P57 appetite suppressantThere are countless Hoodia branded products available to buy either on the high street or via the web. Most brands originate from the states.

US Hoodia diet products are often half the price of products available in the UK – the reason for this is little known.

A large majority of stateside products do not contain the raw powder, preferring to use the cheaper and relatively ineffective extract.

What Is Hoodia P57

The manufacturers claim that raw powder is used in production the official website also states that 100% South African is supplied in each and every capsule – no filler ingredients, no stimulants and nothing other than pure Hoodia Gordonii powder. So we are off to good start.

What Does It Do

If you are unfamiliar with Hoodia what it is and what is does – read Hoodia FAQ

Hoodia is in all probability the most effective natural appetite suppressant in existence. Hoodia is herbal based and is not likely to casue a side effects.

This particular brand (Hoodia P57) has several doubts concerning its authenticity.

Where To Buy Genuine Hoodia

Authnebtic or genuine Hoodia is usually covered by a CITES certificate, there is no way of stating with any real certainty if the ingredient used in Hoodia P57 is genuine.

The UK is responsible for 2 of the finest products not just only in the UK by worldwide. It is highly advised to buy Hoodia only from UK situation companies.

Read more about Buying Hoodia In the UK

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Buying A Hoodia Diet Pill

Hoodia Versus Hoodia

Buying a Hoodia diet pillIf you are contemplating buying a Hoodia product in an attempt to help with the weight loss process – you will be quite comprehensively spoilt for choice.

There are more competing brands of “Hoodia” than any other form of diet pill. If you understand what Hoodia is and what is does it, read on – if not Read Hoodia Facts

Hoodia products are not just centred around diet pills, there are patches, drinks and even chews. For the record …a diet pill or tablet is the most efficient way to introduce the benefit and properties of this natural herb into your system.

Which Hoodia Diet Pill To Choose

Browsing the web for Hoodia will return hundreds of thousands of results – most of the products and brands you will chance upon will seem remarkably similar. It is here than confusion will often arise.

A majority of the Hoodia branded diet capsules advertised are from US or American based companies. Without wishing to completely dismiss all US Hoodia products – a high proportion of brands do not use the genuine raw powder Hoodia Gordonii, preferring to use the cheaper extract.

The UK on the other hand has two brands that use the genuine raw powder and both have CITES certification.

Add these two Products to your wishlist.

Unique Hoodia BoxUnique Hoodia – a genuine raw powder Hoodia product that is produced by a UK based company.

Unique Hoodia encapsulates 460mg of the authentic p57 molecule and offer a hype free diet pill that is fully guaranteed for 6 months. More about Unique Hoodia

Pure Hoodia – one of the oldest Hoodia brands in the world. No filler ingredients or dilution is present, just raw Hoodia powder.

Pure Hoodi BottlePure Hoodia have a 10 year history in the Hoodia market and produce a legitimate and respected weight loss product. More about Pure Hoodia

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Hoodia Rush

Hoodia Rush – Diet Pills

Hoodia Rush Diet Pills

Hoodia Rush is very much a USA oriented diet pill that follows the trend often set by a majority of Hoodia branded diet pills from across the atlantic.

The official Hoodia Rush website makes the usual references to Oprah Winfrey, CNS and the BBC article written by Tom Mangold several years ago when Hoodia Gordonii first made its dramatic entrance onto the scene.

When all is said and done Hoodia is Hoodia and the manufacturers of new branded products are struggling to find ways of freshening up the Hoodia theme.

Is Hoodia Rush Effective

The Hoodia used in the product does appear to contain genuine CITES Certified Hoodia but it is the use of a few filler ingredients that really make this diet pill a disappointement.

The filler ingredient that a large majority of Hoodia diet pills that hail from the states use are:

  • Magnesium Strearate
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Water

The result of which usually means the product is advertised and marketed as containing 750mg or 100mg of Pure Hoodia. A standard sized capsule or vegecap can contain a maximun of 400mg raw Hoodia p57 powder and so the filler ingredients bump up the capacity.

Buy Hoodia Rush

Nothing ultimately wrong with this diet pill apart from the fact it will be shipped form the USA and so a shipping charge will be added – may also be problematic if customer services need to be contacted in anyway.

Alternatives To Hoodia Rush

If Hoodia is your chosen diet pill or appetite suppressant – look no further than these shores. PureSlim produce the finest Pure Hoodia product outside of South Africa, called unsurprisingly Pure Hoodia.

Read About Pure Hoodia Here

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