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Hoodia P7 Review

Does Hoodia P57 Work

Hoodia P57 appetite suppressantThere are countless Hoodia branded products available to buy either on the high street or via the web. Most brands originate from the states.

US Hoodia diet products are often half the price of products available in the UK – the reason for this is little known.

A large majority of stateside products do not contain the raw powder, preferring to use the cheaper and relatively ineffective extract.

What Is Hoodia P57

The manufacturers claim that raw powder is used in production the official website also states that 100% South African is supplied in each and every capsule – no filler ingredients, no stimulants and nothing other than pure Hoodia Gordonii powder. So we are off to good start.

What Does It Do

If you are unfamiliar with Hoodia what it is and what is does – read Hoodia FAQ

Hoodia is in all probability the most effective natural appetite suppressant in existence. Hoodia is herbal based and is not likely to casue a side effects.

This particular brand (Hoodia P57) has several doubts concerning its authenticity.

Where To Buy Genuine Hoodia

Authnebtic or genuine Hoodia is usually covered by a CITES certificate, there is no way of stating with any real certainty if the ingredient used in Hoodia P57 is genuine.

The UK is responsible for 2 of the finest products not just only in the UK by worldwide. It is highly advised to buy Hoodia only from UK situation companies.

Read more about Buying Hoodia In the UK

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Unique Hoodia

New Hoodia Diet Pill Now Available

Unique HoodiaIt could be argued that the diet pill industry is not in need of another over the counter diet pill. An even stronger argument is that another Hoodia Gordonii based product is even less of an issue.

In both the UK and in the USA,  diet pills that utilise the appetite suppressing effect of Hoodia are commonplace, so much so that a majority of manufacturers have run out of ideas and effectively stopped creating and producing Hoodia products that contain just the one ingredient (Hoodia), preferring to add other substances and additives to create hybrid products.

The direction in which the Hoodia market is heading completely contradicts the whole ethos and history of Hoodia.

So for the record and to get back to basics. Hoodia Gordonii is quite possibly the most effective natural substance on the planet earth for reducing appetite.

Hoodia has centuries if not millenniums of physical working proof and thought of so highly across the globe that the Hoodia Gordonii plant is now a protected species to ensure its survival.

For those unfamiliar with how Hoodia Gordonii was first discovered, by whom and how it can provide a natural, side effect free weight loss solution – Read Hoodia Facts

What About Unique Hoodia

Continuing the theme of do we really need another Hoodia diet pill? … when the various brands on both sides of the Atlantic are scrutinised there does not appear to be too many Hoodia products that focus on just Hoodia.

The choice is rather surprisingly limited to more or less one. While the current trend seems to be trying  to produce diet pills that contain a bit of Hoodia, a bit of green tea extract and a bit of several something else’s the reality of pure Hoodia has been forgotten.

To date the only Hoodia diet pill that ticks all of the necessary boxes is Pure Hoodia. All other brands have one or several traits, ingredients or dubious marketing tactics that remove it from the essence of the genuine article.

Unique Hoodia is new to the market – but refreshingly have introduced a unique angle. Rather than use the cheaper (less effective) Hoodia extract that seems to be the norm nowadays, Unique Hoodia put only raw Hoodia p57 powder into their capsule and fill to capacity with around 460mg per capsule.

The Hoodia used is CITES Certified and has a Certificate Of Analysis as well as a Organics Annex Certificate. For the uninitiated the combination of the aforementioned certification will raise little doubt that Unique Hoodia is both genuine and adheres to a code of conduct that a huge majority of diet pill producers flaunt.

Unique Hoodia is also produced in a CGMP approved facility.

Unique Hoodia Summary

Unique HoodiaFrom the design of the packaging to the product, Unique Hoodia is far removed from the hype that surrounds its more established competitors.

Its seems that Pure Hoodia has a serious rival. There is very little to choose between the two.

If you have serious ambition to lose weight Unique Hoodia should be given serious consideration. Competitively priced  and guaranteed for 6 months there is very little risk attached.

Visit the Unique Hoodia website

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Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Diet Pills

There is little doubt that Hoodia Gordonii is still the most popular genus of diet pills in both the UK and across the Atlantic.

With this mind it is important to remember that Hoodia Gordonii is relatively expensive to produce as the process of extracting the p57 element from the plant can take up to 4 years.

The process also involves the extracting company to hold licences and permits in the form of a CITES Certificate and Certification of Origin to prove authenticity.

Hoodia is no longer available – click here to read about the best current diet pills

Nowadays a high percentage of mainstream diet pills that can be bought without a prescription or over the counter contain some form of Hoodia ingredient. Whether the Hoodia ingredient is genuine, fake or synthetically produced is proved by the aforemetion certifications.

Over the last decade Hoodia Gordonii has been subjected to both postive and negative media interest. The reason for the fluctuation is down to one question…

Does Hoodia Gordonii Work

At first Hoodia Gordonii was considered a unique product – a plant extract that can aid weight loss by cause an appetite suppressing effect. A natural product to rival the weight loss drug Phentermine

The fact of the matter is that Hoodia Gordonii was and still is a unique product – it is quite simply a natural plant extract that is harvested and put into capsules in its raw and natural state without any intervention from commerical diet pills manufacturers or pharmaceutical drug companies.

The problem Hoodia Gordonii faces now is that most of the leading diet pills manufactuers use either some Hoodia Gordonii or replica product and advertise their latest product as a 100% genuine Hoodia Product when in reality the Hoodia ingredient is often accompanied by several other filler ingredients. Fake Hoodia Diet Pills

Hoodia Dosage

A 400mg dose of Hoodia three times a day will reduce your appetite and stop your cravings for sugary foods. A 750mg (or even 1000mg) dose of Hoodia plus several other ingredients may not as the Hoodia dosage may only be a tiny fraction of the overall composite.

Be extremely wary of Hoodia diet pills that use phrases such as Strongest Hoodia Diet Pills or Most Potent Hoodia Gordonii Ever.

The bottom line when it comes to Hoodia Gordonii is that no matter you how you dress you it there is just the one product.

Hoodia Success Stories

Many dieters have enjoyed success by using Hoodia diet pills – Hoodia still is the most potent natural appetite suppressant in existence. More Hoodia Success Stories here

The originators of Hoodia Gordonii are Pureslim – their Hoodia Gordonii product called unsurprisingly Pure Hoodia has been available to the consumer for over a decade. There are no frills or gimmicks with Pure Hoodia. You will not be buying into any promises, false hope or revolutionary new weight loss formula.

If you are serious about trying Hoodia Gordonii we strongly suggest buying Pure Hoodia. Pure Hoodia is the original and best. The product has remained unchanged for over a decade (and so by the looks of it has the website)

Hoodia is no longer available – click here to read about the best current diet pills


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