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4Ever Burn Review

4Ever Burn is a diet supplement that makes some bold claims about its effectiveness based on a fairly common set of ingredients.

At the core of the product are two sets of compounds that are designed to both enhance metabolism and suppress hunger.

These two actions in concert with a good diet and adequate exercise should help you lose the weight you want faster than simple exercise alone.

The challenge for this product is that the claims it makes about the effectiveness of its ingredients are not supported by any independent scientific trials.

4Ever Burn is positioned as a thermogenic aid in helping you lose weight faster. This term refers to certain ingredients contained in the pill that will help your body burn more fat with the same level of exercise.

This helps accelerate your weight loss program by allow you to shed the pounds faster through an increase in your metabolic rate. While many people can benefit from this, others have a hard time tolerating certain ingredients that may also cause other side effects.

How Does 4Ever Burn Work

The product uses a combination of ingredients to trigger this thermogenic effect in patients and some of these are intended to stimulate your system.

For people that have a low tolerance for these stimulants, the side effects can include jitters and a hard time falling asleep. While most people can take the product without these problems, anyone who is sensitive to coffee or other stimulants should find an alternative.

Another benefit that the 4Ever Burn product provides is help in decreasing your appetite. Several of the ingredients found in the product can help to delay the hunger trigger for most people and allow them to eat less each day.

By consuming fewer calories and exercising regularly, these patients can lose the weight they need more quickly.

This appetite suppressant benefit is actually the most important thing the product has to offer and is the main reason most people fail on their diets. The urge to eat while dieting can be overpowering for many people and without some type of appetite suppressant to help them resist, they fall back into old habits and eat more than they should.

The remainder of the ingredients in the 4Ever Burn product are designed to raise your energy levels. By giving your body more energy, the product helps you breeze through your exercise routines and still have energy left over for the rest of your day.

This added energy will also allow you to work out for longer periods of time to burn even more fat and increase your weight loss. One of the hardest side effects of most diets is a loss of energy due to consuming fewer calories.

4Ever Burn helps to compensate for this loss by boosting your energy levels considerably and helping you maintain a healthy pace through your day while you lose the weight you want. The challenge with the way that this product enhances you energy levels is through stimulants like Green Coffee Bean extract that some people have a hard time tolerating.

If you find that this product makes you anxious after a few days of use you can find similar products on the market that can provide the same weight loss advantages without the need for additional stimulants.


Difficult to recommend over and above competing product currently in existence.

Other Fat Burners To Consider

Perhaps the thermogenic fat burner of most interest is Capsiplex.

The chili diet pill that has had many column written about it over the last few years.

Capsiplex is a fat burner that its manufactures claim can have the same calorie burning effect as jogging for 25 minutes.

Read Does Capsiplex Work


Buy Capsiplex Plus UK

Capsiplex Plus UK

Capsiplex Plus in the enhanced version of the original Capsiplex. It is not making the original product obsolete, it is a complimentary product offering not only a benefit to weight loss but many other positive health benefits as well.

Capsiplex is arguably the most successful diet pill ever launched in the UK. It sold a staggering 50,000 units when it was first introduced. It caused such as stampede to buy that stock levels completely ran dry after just a few days.

Capsiplex Plus contains everything that its sister product has to offer as well as providing and extra ingredients that can significantly improve mood and produce a legal and natural high.

Capsiplex With 5-HTP

The new ingredient that has been introduced is 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) – it is a chemical that is manufactured and produced by the body to create and form tryptophans (a vital amino acid, which is found in our food supply).

After a tryptophan has been turned into 5-HTP, the naturally produced substance is then converted into another substance called serotonin, this a neurotransmitter that acts a mediator and relays information to and from brain cells.

5-HTP does not exist in the foods we eat, although surprisingly tryptophans do. Consuming foods high in tryptophans does not increase 5-HTP levels on there own.

Our body need 5-HTP and supplementation is vital – hence the need for products such as Capsiplex Plus.

Buy Capsiplex Plus Direct

Where To Buy Capsiplex Plus

Capsiplex Plus is available to buy only from the official website. There is not a high street presence at this point in time. Usual stockists of products of this nature such as Boots, Superdrug and Holland Barrett may become suppliers in the future.

Currently a one month supply will cost £42.00 with discounts for multiple months purchases.

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Buy African Mango Extract Capsules UK

African Mango Capsules UK

African Mango extract is the newest diet craze to arrive in the UK from the USA. The American media appeared to have gone slightly overboard when professing the benefits to weight loss this African superfruit give.

Media hysteria aside, African Mango does have a pretty convincing story to tell and has the backing of some industry heavyweights.

What Is African Mango Extract

Grown in the rain forests of Cameroon, Western Africa it is also called the “bush” or “wild” mango.

Buy High Strength African Mango Capsules 2400mg

Physically almost identical to mango you would expect to find in the supermarket, its outer flesh (the fruit) is nutritious and tasty but its is the seeds from the African Mango variety thats sets it apart.

Its seeds (irvingia gabonensis), have been studied over many years and show undeniable evidence according to research results to reduce bodyweight and lower bad LDL cholesterol.

“Breakthrough diet supplement that can help you lose 10 – 12lbs in a month”

African Mango Extract Diet 

American nutritionist, Dr Oz is a keen advocate of African Mango, he is thought to be partly responsible for bringing to public attention both on his own (Dr Oz Show) and also guesting on the Oprah show.

It was during one of his shows that he claimed African Mango to be the “miracle diet capsule” and the “breakthrough diet supplement that can help you to lose 10 – 12lbs

Dr Oz is highly thought of in the states, he is not your typical television health expert that lacks credentials – Dr Oz is the author of over 200 health related books and is the current Vice-Chairman and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University.

When Dr Oz recommends something American takes heed.

“Typical subjects lost 2″ in waist size”

How Does African Mango Extract Aid Weight Loss

It has fat burning and appetite suppressing properties that can significantly lower your daily calorie intake. It can also detox and cleanse the system allowing for a better functioning and maintained digestive system.

The results of clinical trials have indicated that after just a month or usage a typical subject lost 2 inches in waist size.

  • Can help to reduce body fat rather than just eliminating water retention.
  • Can help to control appetite lowering daily calorie intake.
  • Provides an energy boost allowing you to be more alert.
  • Can lower bad LDL cholesterol.

Does It Cause Side Effects

Completely safe for human consumption, a naturally derived substance that is no addictive and suitable for all age groups. Under 16 should not use a diet aid unless under guidance from a GP or doctor.

Which Product Is Recommended

African Mango Advanced from Evo-Slimming is highly recommended. It contains 2400mg making it one of the high concentrations and potent capsule based products available to a UK consumer.

It contains legitimate and genuine irvingia gabonensis seed and is also suitable for vegetarians.

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Capsiplex Slimming Tablets Review


Capsiplex Fat Burner Tablets Review

capsiplex tablets reviewCapsiplex is the fat burner based around the concept of using the heat from red hot chili pepper (cayenne pepper or capsicum) to raise the metabolism and burn excess body fat rather than reduce water retention which is what so many competitive products seem to do.

Capsiplex is the invention of Scottish based natural health specialist Advanced Health.

Initially introduced to the United States it quickly gained the reputation of being the “celebrity diet pill” as some of Hollywoods elite clamoured to become associated with it. Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears are keen advocates.

Capsiplex Special Offers

Capsiplex media storiesUpon its arrival the the UK it sold out within 3 days of release from both its official website and many authorised stockists shipping 50,000 units.

It took 6 months for the 1 millionth bottle to be sold a feat that must have surpassed even Advanced Health’s expectations.

Capsiplex was featured in the national media, with appearances in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and frequently on day time lifestyle television programmes.

The UK press not known for their propensity to be outdone by their competition were not shy in conjuring positive headlines such “slim at your desk pill arrives in Britain” or the NHS miracle diet pill”

“Slim at your desk pill arrives in Britain”

Capsiplex slim at your desk

The former a reference to the fact that taking one Capsiplex equates to burning as many calories as jogging for 20 minutes (270 calories), the latter refers to the inclusion of an ingredient that is normally reserved for use by the NHS.

How Does Capsiplex Work

Chili pepper diet pillCapsiplex contains a natural substance called Capsicum (also known as chilli pepper or red pepper) and contains Capsaicinoids. These are the group of compounds that create the heat found in hot peppers.

Three decades of clinical research and study has repeated highlighted the link between capsicum and weight loss.

Capsicum can reduce appetite, increases metabolism, burn calories, reduce body mass and reduces body fat. It is an ideal female fat burner

Read How Capsiplex Works In More Detail

Can Capsiplex Cause Side Effects

Capsiplex is certified safe for human consumption and free from side effects. It contains mainly natural ingredients.

Chili has been known for causing gastric irritation in some instances but the coating used in the encapsulation process circumvents this issue. The product is deemed suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike and will not interfere with any other medication you may be using.

Does Capsiplex Work

Capsiplex fat burnerA products ability to sell huge quantities does not necessarily have a bearing on its effectiveness. Hype is an instrument used by many diet product manufacturers to overcome an inadequacy.

Capsiplex does come with a large sprinkling of hype but this is not without good reason.

It is pretty ignore or level an argument against a product that contains a substance usually reserved for the NHS.

There are website that give alternative diet pill a higher rating – such this PhenQ Review but we prefer Capsiplex


Buy CapsiplexWhere To Buy Capsiplex

Capsiplex is available to buy from the official website and without the need for a prescription.

You can purchase for as little as £29.99 for a one month supply with discounts available for multiple months purchases.

There is currently no discount or voucher code as the product is currently on offer for 3 months and above.

Visit Capsiplex Website



Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus Best Diet Pill

proactol PlusProactol Plus has effectively replaced Proactol. It is essentially the same product but has been freshened up in almsot all departments – the website, the packaging and the the formula.

Proactol (Plus) is quite possibly the best known and most effective fat binder in existence. The introduction of Bioperine is a major plus – as this natural ingredient can increase the rate in which the fat binding ingredients are absorbed.

Proactol was first introduced to the non prescription market in 2006 – it rapidly gained market share and often competed with the likes of Xenical (the prescription only diet drug)

In our original review we drew attention to several Proactol success stories, with one in particular being featured in the Daily Express.

Read Original Proactol Review

Proactol has (and still does have) major advantages over a majority of its competition – it is legal and fully certified and meets with the new advertising and MHRA standards brought into the UK in April 2011

“A large proportion of diet pills available in the UK do not meet EU regulations – Proactol Plus does”

Proactol Plus CertificateWhile competitive brands have been creating the latest celebrity media campaign, Proactol have been ensuring its continued success by strengthening the necessary accreditation to underline its efficacy and safety.

Proactol Plus has everything going for it from a scientific perpective (6 pre-clinical and clinical studies) and has maintained its certification as an approved medical device product (MDD 93/42/EEC).

The diet pill industry in the UK suffers from a lack of scrutiny (or at least did). Many, many diet pill products do not meet EU regulations – Proactol Plus does. Proactol Plus can boast documentation other brands cannot.

Documentation aside Why Is Proactol Plus the Best Diet Pill

What Does Proactol Plus Do

  • Proactol Plus prevents 28% of fat absorption – Clinical studies prove that taking Proactol Plus significantly cuts the amount of dietary fat absorbed by your stomach
  • Reduces your calorie intake by 295 calories per day – Without changing your diet to any elaborate degree you can decrease calorie intake on daily basis substantially
  • Reduces your food cravings and makes you feel full sooner – If you are not hungry you will eat less, Proactol Plus can suppress appetite as well as any prescription only diet drug

Does Proactol Plus Cause Side Effects

Shouls not cause any side effects if taken as directed.

“One of the best things for me, is hearing about how Proactol has helped people reach their weight loss goals. It makes it worth getting out of bed in a morning knowing I’m REALLY helping people.Claire Brentwood, Proactol Owner

Proactol PlusTestimonials And Success Stories

Proactol Plus testimonialsProactol, has been in existence since 2005 – in its history it has built up a solid reputation. There are thousands of weight loss success stories attributed to Proactol.

Proactol Plus is actually owned now by a former customer. Claire Brentwood in typical “Remington” style was so impressed with how the fat binder helped her in her weight loss battle that she bought the company.

Proactol has the confidence to offer a 6 month money back guarantee – one of the longest refund policies in the industry.

Is Proactol Plus Recommended

Proactol Plus costs around £40 for one months supply – competitive products can be purchased for as little as £10 to £20.

If price is your main driver then you run then you risk of buying into something that is at best useless and at worse dangerous.

Proactol has existed for several years for a reason … Proactol is fully certified by the MHRA for a reason ….. Proactol is recommended for so many reasons.


Is Proactol Medically Endorsed

Where To Buy Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus is available to order directly from the official website. No prescription or GP intervention is needed.

A one month supply cost a shade over £40 with discounts applied for quantity purchases.

The best option in terms of discount and value currently is a 3 month supply and above. If you use the discount code CEBPR1 (click code to activate) a 15% discount is applied.

Click here to visit official reseller

where to buy Proactol Plus UK

Proactol Plus is not available at Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett, Lloyds Pharmacy, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury or other high street chains in the UK.