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Advanced Green Tea

Advanced Green Tea Fat Burner

Advanced Green TeaGreen Tea has been connected to diet and weight loss and in particular the fat burning process for centuries.

The Chinese were most likely the first civilisation to adopt the medicinal benefits of Green Tea and it is only relatively recently the western civilisation has realised what this natural herb has to offer.

Oprah winfrey has a vague connection with Green Tea – and a whole host of other weight loss product for that matter. It is doubtful that she has used this actual product Advanced Green Tea directly.

What Is Advanced Green Tea

A fat burning product that is not a diet pill as such – more a fat burning daily supplement in capsule form.

The ingredients contains are purported to contain just Green Tea – so where does the “Advanced” part fit into the equation.

What Does Advanced Green Tea Do

As with most fat burners, Green Tea raises the metabolic rate. The thermogenic properties supposedly increase fat oxidation and aid the body use fat as energy.

Side Effects From Green Tea

Too much can have a similar effect to drinking several cups of coffee, restlessness and insomnia and could produce palpitations.

Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss

Anything that burns fat is, generally speaking a good thing. The problem is that a fat burning substance does not aid weight loss without participation of some sort. Fat burners provide the fuel for the individual to be more mobile and burn fat or calories through exercise.

Is Advanced Green Tea Recommended

This product has no FDA or medical approval nor have any clinical trial been conducted. It is hard to give a recommendation to this product.

Other Green Tea Products To Consider

Green tea products that are produced away from their Chinese Origins have no where near the impact of the ancient recipes.

Green Tea Free Trial OfferOne of the traditional Chinese green tea products is now available for UK consumers by way of a free trial.

Cho-Yung Green Tea Free Trial

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