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Natural Diet Pills

Natural Diet Pills

Natural diet pills that work

When faced with the decision of whether to buy a natural diet pill opposed to a pharmaceutically produced one (weight loss drug) there are two schools of thought.

A natural diet pill may seem to the unitiated as the weaker option.

A preference may be made toward a drug or medicine – the men in white lab coats can do a better job than mother nature it would seem to some.

In reality the opposite, in most cases, is true.

Natural Hoodia Gordonii

The best example of this Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is a natural cactus like plant that grows in the desert like conditions of Africa. Hoodia is natural appetite suppressant that reduces hunger and the cravings for food.

Hoodia is an uncomplicated herbal substance that has been resonsible for numerous weight loss successes. Nothing is needed in addition and no chemical process is involved. For the purists, Hoodia is naturality itself. Read more about Hoodia here

Diet Pills Containing Hoodia

There is not an awful lot more than be said about Hoodia – it pretty much does what it says on the tin. Companies that produce diet pills try to gain extra mileage and profit out of the Hoodia name by combining it with other compounds, substances and chemicals.

A selection of some Diet Pills that contain or rely on the Hoodia perception are:

One chemically produced alternative is Phentermine – a diet pill only available via prescription that can also reduce appetite and suppress hunger but not without its fair share of side effects.

Ephedra is another diet pill that stems from the natural and then has a pharmaceutical process applied to produced a powerful drug – so powerful that it has since been banned by the FDA.

Whichever way it is viewed most diet supplements or slimming aids have a natural foundation before being dissected and reproduced to form a man made substance.

It is only very few that stay true to their natural beginings.

Aloe Vera is a natural substance that is often overlooked and disregarded as a natural weight loss aid. Aloeride is an Aloe Vera product that helps reduce digestion, helps IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and provides relief from other dietery problems. Read more about Aloeride

Herbal based natural diet pills are a constant in most commercial weight loss products nowadays. It is more a question of how far from their natural roots they have been processed. Read about Herbal Diet Pills

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Advanced Green Tea

Advanced Green Tea Fat Burner

Advanced Green TeaGreen Tea has been connected to diet and weight loss and in particular the fat burning process for centuries.

The Chinese were most likely the first civilisation to adopt the medicinal benefits of Green Tea and it is only relatively recently the western civilisation has realised what this natural herb has to offer.

Oprah winfrey has a vague connection with Green Tea – and a whole host of other weight loss product for that matter. It is doubtful that she has used this actual product Advanced Green Tea directly.

What Is Advanced Green Tea

A fat burning product that is not a diet pill as such – more a fat burning daily supplement in capsule form.

The ingredients contains are purported to contain just Green Tea – so where does the “Advanced” part fit into the equation.

What Does Advanced Green Tea Do

As with most fat burners, Green Tea raises the metabolic rate. The thermogenic properties supposedly increase fat oxidation and aid the body use fat as energy.

Side Effects From Green Tea

Too much can have a similar effect to drinking several cups of coffee, restlessness and insomnia and could produce palpitations.

Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss

Anything that burns fat is, generally speaking a good thing. The problem is that a fat burning substance does not aid weight loss without participation of some sort. Fat burners provide the fuel for the individual to be more mobile and burn fat or calories through exercise.

Is Advanced Green Tea Recommended

This product has no FDA or medical approval nor have any clinical trial been conducted. It is hard to give a recommendation to this product.

Other Green Tea Products To Consider

Green tea products that are produced away from their Chinese Origins have no where near the impact of the ancient recipes.

Green Tea Free Trial OfferOne of the traditional Chinese green tea products is now available for UK consumers by way of a free trial.

Cho-Yung Green Tea Free Trial

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Sida Cordifolia

Sida Cordifolia Diet Pills

Sida Cordifolia for weight lossSida Cordifolia, or Sida Cordifolia Complex as it is traditionally known is a herbal compound that is thought responsible for quick fat loss.

Aside from its weight loss properties it is thought also to aid and treat a whole host of other aliments and conditions.

According to the official website it has been used for centuries to stimulate the central nervous system – cause a diuretic effect and aid breathing difficulties by producing an anti-asthmatic sensation.

What is Sida Cordifolia

A plant that is indigenous to North East Brazil – the leaves of the Sida Cordifolia plant are thought to contain trace Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine. Read about Ephedrine

Sida Cordifolia is not a brand name as such, it is often included in a diet pill formula as an ingredient. However, nowadays Sida Cordifolia can be purchased as the primary ingredient with one or two additions.

What Does Sida Cordifolia Do

Sida Cordifolia has a blood lowering (hypoglycaemic), anti-inflammatory and pain relieving (analgesic) properties. As far as weight loss is concerned it has a reputation as a strong diet pill largely due to its vague assoaciation with Ephedrine.

What Are The Side Effects

The Ephedrine content is so low that most of the usual effects often experienced with Ephedra based diet pills should not occur.

May decrease the the heart rate and bloo pressure – anyone with a heart condition should avoid.

Does Sida Cordifolia Work

As a general supplement used to treat infammation and breathing problems, centuries of usage should not be ignored

For use as diet pill or weight loss aid – there is no real evidence to suggest that its is effective for weight loss.

Where To Buy Sida Cordifolia

In most health food stores.

Alternative Diet Pills

Multi purpose diet supplements can dilute the effectiveness of each component. However Aloe Vera, often used to treat skin and digestive disorders is highly effective for weight loss. Read about Aloe Vera Tablets

Most Effectve prescription and non prescription diet pills. Click here

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