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Review of Myoffeine diet pills

Myoffeine Diet Pills

Myoffeine Fat Burner

Myoffeine is a fat burner that is aimed soley at men. The official website ask the question – Why is this diet pill exclusivley for men, the answer, would you believe is this…

Because a woman would lose weight too rapidly, they would pack on 10lbs of muscle and grow hair on their chests.

This review should stop here, we were are unsure if this diet pill is actually legitimate – we are told it is!

Myoffeine is not just a diet pill (for men only!) but specially formulated to burn fat, increase testosterone levels and produce a rock hard body and lean rippling muscles.

What Is In Myoffeine

This list of ingredients are are mainly caffeine based and offers anyone considering taking around 300mg which is equivelent to three cups of coffee.

The other ingredients are

  • Citrus Anhydrous
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Cinnamon

These are the compounds responsible for the fat burning element within this diet pill – the other ingredients are geared towards muscle pumping and testosterone boosting which we won’t bore you with.

Does Myoffeine Work

If the intention is weight loss then be preapred for disappointment.

Where To Buy Myoffeine

Appears regularly on eBay – or the official website. Be warned no guarantee is offered due to the Deep discounts offered on Myoffeine.

Is Myoffeine Recommended

In a word, no

Alternatives to Myoffeine

Capsiplex is the fat burner that is currently out selling a majority of the competition. It has a solid reputation and is loved by the media.

Capsiplex is formulated from natural ingredients and is based on using the heat from capsicum to help the body burn excess calories in a safe and sustained manor.

If you are considering using fat there are not many products that could be recommended over and above Capsiplex.

Read more about Capsiplex


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