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Liposinol Diet Pills

Liposinol Diet Pills Reviews

Liposinol is a fat binder made using a natural fibre complex.

Fat binding is one of the most effective classes of diet pills or weight loss supplements that can be bought without prescription over the counter.

As with a majority of fat binders, completely natural ingredients are used in the formula with limited intervention form the pharmaceutical or chemical world.

How Does Liposinol Work

A patented fibre complex specially formulated from the dehydrated leaves of the Opuntia Ficus-Indica cactus.

The basic principle is to stop the absorbtion of dietary fat from food consumed. The fibres from the fomula bind with fat and form a constitution too large for the stomach to absorb.

This new state of fat can then simply pass through the body and leave as bowel movements.

Fat binding shares simlarities with fat blocking but is far removed form fat burning. Fat burning diet pills require the body to mobilise before the before the fomula starts to take effect – whereas fat binding and fat blocking work under their own volition. More about Fat Burners

Liposinol tackles weight management on four fronts

  • Binds fat from consumed food
  • Reduces and decreases food cravings
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels

Side Effects From Liposinol

Following the recommended usgae should result in any unwanted side effects.

Does Liposinol Work

There is certainly the right accreditiation – the natural or herbal diet supplement market is saturated with diet pills that have not under gone clinical trials. Liposinol is classed as Medical Device Product and the clinical trials that have taken place appear to be independant.

Is Liposinol Recommended

Not much in the way of weight loss success stories. As far as the fat binding or fat blocking genre is concerned not many diet pills can rival the effect of Xenical Orlistat.

The biggest drawback or negative with Xenical is that it cannot be purchased – it is prescription only and only administered by the medical profession. Xenical is aimed toward the very overweight or obese – it is a powerful diet drug.

It is highly recommended not to buy Xenical from the internet – as many unofficial sources supply a replica, only obtain from your doctor or GP. More about Xenical

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