Prescription Diet Pills

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Diet Pills On Prescription

Prescription Only Diet Pills

Diet pills via prescription – or prescription only slimming pills means exactly that.

Diet pills that can be obtained from your GP or doctor are  weight loss drugs, there is absolutley nothing herbal or natural about them – they are pharmaceutically produced chemicals that are designed to treat the obese or dangerously over weight person that is beyond any other form of treatment, be it exercise, a change of diet or a healthier, safer natural medicinal alternative.

Extreme obesity is easily identified but it is the over weight or person bordering on the obese that is harder to categorise. This category of people could become obese at some stage if their lifestyle and diet is left unchanged.

As a general guide check your BMI here. Your BMI or Body Mass Index is rough guide that returns a number – if your BMI is over 40 you should seek the advice of your doctor or GP.

BMI Calculator

Doctors do not prescribe diet pills to anyone – even those with a BMI of over 40, they are considered a last resort as with almost all prescription only slimming pills there are side effects attached.

There is no hard and fast rule as to wether your doctor or GP will prescribe – it depends purley on the individual. Some doctors advocate diet pills, some do not!

Mid Range BMI

A large percentage of the adult UK population fall into the mid range BMI category – this is between 25 – 35. This is classed as being over weight. The chances of a doctor prescribing a weight loss drug are minimal to non existant for those nearer 25 but increased the closer to 35.

Prescription Only Diet Pills

Again, there are no hard and fast rules as to which particulur diet pill a GP may prescribe. The most likely brands are Xenical and Reductil.

Xenical is the most likely diet pill a doctor will prescribe as Reductil is prone to some very nasty side effects.

Buy Prescription Diet Pills

The fact that cannot emphasized enough is DO NOT BUY PRESCRIPTION DIET PILLS. You will no doubt see advertisments for websites claiming that you can buy Xenical online or buy Reductil online – do not be tempted by these. The most likley scenario is that you will be buying less than genuine diet pills.

Prescription only diet pills should always be obtained via a GP with GP supervision.

What Diet Pills To Buy

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