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Britains Need To Diet

The British Population are 20% Overweight

Saturated FatOfficial reports were released yesterday that highlighted the obesity crisis that is facing the UK.

Britain, it would seem, is following in the footsteps of our American cousins were nearly half the population is either overweight or considered obese.

The British public are eating on average 20% more saturated fat than they should, the Food Standards Agency said on Tuesday as it launched an advertising campaign across the UK promoting healthier diets in an attempt to curb the obesity crisis.

The campaign (by the Food Standards Agency) will feature a 40-second television ad shown on terrestial TV depicts a jug of saturated fat being poured down a kitchen sink, overloading and blocking the pipe.

“People say they do know that saturated fat is bad for them but they don’t necessarily link it to heart disease,” said the agency’s Chief Executive Tim Smith.

“It’s important they (the British public) make that connection, because heart disease is the UK’s number one killer, stark statistics reveal that 1 in 3  of us will die as a result of consuming too much saturated fat,” he added.

Full English Heart Attack

One of the main culprits is the traditional Full English Breakfast or “Fry Up” – the agency recommends that our food is grilled rather than fried and that we also switch to using vegetable oil instead of butter.

Consuming large amounts of of saturated fats can raise cholesterol levels in the blood, increasing the risk of coronary heart disease, heart attacks, angina or stroke.

The FSA went on to say that cutting down on the intake of fatty foodstuffs could prevent up to 3,500 premature deaths each and every year  and help save the economy more than £1B a year and relieve unnecessary strain on the resources of the already over stretched NHS

In a survey, the FSA found that only 29 percent of people take the fatty skin off poultry, only 24 percent cut white fat bits off meat joints and less than half (43 percent) grill their meat instead of frying.

The question is …will the British public listen?

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Obesity Diet Pills

Diet Pills For Obesity

Diet pills to treat obesity

Obesity is becoming pandemic, especially in the more wealthy regions such as the United States, UK and Europe.

A diet pill of some description is the most widely used and popular method for trying to get excess body weight and body mass under control.

In a majority of cases a diet pill is used either soley or in conjunction with a diet plan or weight loss programme.

The absolute ideal combination is the use of a diet pill and a diet plan

If your body becomes accustomed to taking on board a certain amount of calories a day, common sense will indicate that this must change. You must educate your body to expect a reduced portion each and every day.

This can either be done by using appetite suppressants or fat binders

If you have an extremely large body mass a commercial diet pill (one that you can purchase over the counter or via the internet) is most likely not your best option.

In extreme cases of obesity where your life may be in danger it is absolutely vital that you seek professional help. A radical change of diet and lifestyle is necessary first and foremost.

A GP may prescribe a course of diet pills – the pills prescribed will be pharmaceutically produced drugs, some of them you may be familiar with and others you may not.

The over riding point is that they  are via prescription and must only be acquired under the say so of your GP.

Popular Diet Pills To Treat Obesity

There are several diet pills that have been chemically produced specifically to combat the effects of obesity.

Xenical Orlistat – Xenical is a fat blocking diet pill that can prevent fat absorption. It is extremely powerful and the most commonly GP prescribed diet pill.

If you qualify for a prescription you would be 10 times more likely to given Xenical compared other brands. Xenical is not available for purchase. More about Xenical

Acomplia Rimonabant – a strong appetite suppressant that until recently was quite frequently prescribed. Acomplia has now been removed from the shelves of stockists amid safety issues. More about Acomplia

meridia obesity diet pillsPhentermine – One of the best known appetite suppressants. Phentermine is prone to causing just as many problems as it solves. More about Phentermine

Meridia – uses the active ingredient Sibutramine. Meridia is another appetite suppressing diet pill and has many potential side effects documented. More about Meridia

The one factor that all of the above prescribed diet pill have in common is that can cause side effects.

It is highly advised to not attempt to purchase; Xenical, Reductil, Phentermine, Acomplia or Meridia from any source especially via the internet.

Natural Diet Pills

Obesity can also be combated by more natural and herbal based diet products. It is unlikely that a GP will prescribe anything from the natural world.

More about Herbal Diet Pills

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Adipex Diet Pills Review

Adipex is powerful weight loss drug – make no mistake this is a drug and so shouldn’t be take lightly.

Adipex is a prescription diet pill that is highly advised to only obtain via GP consultation and not to purchased via any source be it the most reputable online pharmacist or, god forbid, via eBay.

Adipex is also marketed under the name Adipex-P – this refers to the association with Phentermine.

What Is Adipex

As described above, Adipex is weight loss drug that is usually prescribed to patients who are considered dangerously over weight of morbidly obese and only in extreme circumstances.

Are You Obese – Check Your BMI

Apidex is usually targeted towards patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes and other risk factors.

How Does Adipex Work

By stimulating the certral nervous system to suppress appetite. This stimulant is similar to an amphetamine.

Obese patients find it difficult to control or reduce how much they eat so by stimulation the brain to not crave for food the cause of over eating is tackled head on.

The problem with Adipex is the long list of side effects

Adipex Side Effects

There are several side effects ranging from the minor to the severe

Less serious side effects:

  • Nervousness or anxiety
  • Headache, dizziness or feinting
  • insomnia and restlessness
  • Dry mouth or difficulty swallowing
  • Diarrhea or constipation

More serious side effects:

  • Chest pain, shortness of breathe
  • Uneven or irregular heartbeat
  • Mood swings or depression
  • Increase blood pressure and sever headache

If any of the above symptoms occur stop the medication imediately and visit your GP or doctor.

Should I Take Adipex

Once you are aware of the possible side effects or health risks discuss with your doctor. Adipex is effective but can be described as like crushing a walnut with a sledge hammer.

How To Obtain Adipex

As highlighted – only via GP consultation and via prescription.

Alternative Diet Pills

Phen375 is the commercial equivalent of Adipex. It retains the potency but the issues regarding side effects have been negared.

Phen375 is the ideal alternative, it can act as a fat burner and an appetite suppressant, it is also available to buy with prescription.

More about Phen375


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