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Slendex For Men

Diet Pills For Men

Slendex For MenA majority of diet pills, slimming tablets and weight loss supplements are targeted toward women – women are the more likely to buy a weight management product 5 times more than a man.

Because of this fact most companies that produce diet supplements focus almost entirely on the female dieter and miss out on 20% of the market as a whole.

There is no specific reason why most if not all of the popular diet pills available cannot be used by a male dieter – with the exception of a few ie Zalestrim – there is not an commonly used ingredient that is gender specific.

Read about New Slendex Diet Pills

The makers of Slendex have identified this potentially lucrative gap in the market and produced a diet pill specifically for men

Slendex For Men

Just as with the original Slendex – it is claimed to be 100% caffeine and guarana free.

Packaging apart there is not an awful lot to differentiate the two – the ingredients, usage and effect are near identical.

Side Effects

Just as with the original (female) product it should not cause any health concerns.

Is Slendex For Men Worth Buying

It is difficult to understand the need for a product such as this apart from the obvious marketing angle. There is absolutely no reason why male dieters cannot buy for product that already exists.

Unisex Diet Pills

Most of the commonly sold diet pills could be considered unisex – here are few stand outs

Xenical – not available, a prescription only fat blocker that can prevent fat from being absorbed – very effective and mainly aimed at the obese. For both men and women. More about Xenical

Proactol – a clinically proven fat binder that is both natural and fully accredited and follows all the necessary UK health and safety guidelines. More about Proactol

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