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Slendex Appetite Control

Slendex Appetite Control Review

The Slendex Appetite Control diet pill is the product which compliments Slendex Crackle Mousse. It is supposed to improve your whole body shape, and it employs a strong proprietary mixture, named BioKonja, that naturally quells your appetite.

BioKonja comes from Konjac plant roots, and this product also has vitamin B12, vitamin B2, copper & iron minerals and niacin in it.

BioKonja has been proven to aid weight loss, and it functions without causing any damaging side effects. It is totally natural, fine for both vegans and vegetarians, and good at lowering calories. It is able to make you feel full, essential for producing energy, and it is also good at reducing cholesterol.

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Soluble fibres, like BioKonja, offer innumerable health benefits via their ability to form soft gels with water. Research indicates that soluble fibres can reduce hunger cravings, lessen calorie intake, lower blood cholesterol and postpone glucose absorption.

While they exist in many sources like oats, beans, veggies and fruit, the most essential soluble fibre possibly originates from BioKonja. This possesses an incredible capacity to retain water, and it has a greater viscosity than all other dietary fibres.

The viscous gel from BioKonja fibre lessens the quantity of food travelling from your stomach to your small intestine. Research has proven that consuming BioKonja enhances the weight loss effects of  calorie controlled eating plans, and can produce consistent and safe weight loss.

Within 10 minutes of taking the capsule, it starts absorbing water and swelling, taking room up inside the stomach. After 30 minutes, BioKonja has absorbed up to 200 times its’ weight in water, which makes the stomach feel full. The gel like, viscous BioKonja delays the gastric emptying procedure, so the sense of satiety lasts for longer.

In 1 trial, over weight subjects consumed 1 gram of the BioKonja fibre 1 hour prior to every meal-time, for 2 months. Overall, they were able to lose 5.5 pounds in weight, without altering their workout or dietary habits. The supplementary vitamins & minerals with BioKonja are also proven to stimulate the production of energy, and be essential for the body’s energy producing, metabolic pathways.

All of BioKonja’s components, and the clinical evidence to back up each component, has been examined individually by the E.F.S.A. (the European Food Safety Authority), and awarded a positive assessment. Taken at the advised dosage, BioKonja can even purportedly reduce blood cholesterol levels. It is the ideal product for getting you a more attractive figure, just before your summer holiday.

The Slendex Crackle Mousse allows you to obtain smoother, tauter skin in less than 6 weeks. Along with the Slendex Appetite Control, users can now additionally enjoy a reduced appetite, an increased metabolism and substantial fat loss.

Furthermore, the manufacturers are providing a special offer where, once you purchase Slendex Crackle Mousse, you can get the BioKonja product at half the standard retail price. Moreover, if you buy 2 Slendex Crackle Mousse containers, you can get the amazing Slendex Appetite Control without paying anything extra at all!

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Slendex For Men

Diet Pills For Men

Slendex For MenA majority of diet pills, slimming tablets and weight loss supplements are targeted toward women – women are the more likely to buy a weight management product 5 times more than a man.

Because of this fact most companies that produce diet supplements focus almost entirely on the female dieter and miss out on 20% of the market as a whole.

There is no specific reason why most if not all of the popular diet pills available cannot be used by a male dieter – with the exception of a few ie Zalestrim – there is not an commonly used ingredient that is gender specific.

Read about New Slendex Diet Pills

The makers of Slendex have identified this potentially lucrative gap in the market and produced a diet pill specifically for men

Slendex For Men

Just as with the original Slendex – it is claimed to be 100% caffeine and guarana free.

Packaging apart there is not an awful lot to differentiate the two – the ingredients, usage and effect are near identical.

Side Effects

Just as with the original (female) product it should not cause any health concerns.

Is Slendex For Men Worth Buying

It is difficult to understand the need for a product such as this apart from the obvious marketing angle. There is absolutely no reason why male dieters cannot buy for product that already exists.

Unisex Diet Pills

Most of the commonly sold diet pills could be considered unisex – here are few stand outs

Xenical – not available, a prescription only fat blocker that can prevent fat from being absorbed – very effective and mainly aimed at the obese. For both men and women. More about Xenical

Proactol – a clinically proven fat binder that is both natural and fully accredited and follows all the necessary UK health and safety guidelines. More about Proactol

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Slendex Diet Pills

Slendex Slimming Pills Review

Slendex Diet Pills

Slendex is advertised as the new diet pill that will revolutionise the slimming world. A 100% natural slimming pill that has been formulated by a leading UK pharmacist.

Updated Slendex Review

Slendex, according to the marketing material, will enable safe natural weight loss without changing or inhibiting  your lifestyle.

Using actress Debra Stephenson as the public face and body as proof off weight loss success is a masterstroke.

What Is Slendex

Slendex is an appetite suppressant – the principle behind appetite suppressants is incredibly simple – the less food consumed the less calories and fat the body absorbs. The obvious problem being is will power. Appetite suppressants provide the will power by causing a reaction in the brain that in turn sends a signal to body to say it is full and the need for food quelled.

Losing weight involves a very simple equation – eating less food will result in a reduction of body mass.

Slendex ingredients

  • Methyl Cellulose

  • Vegetable Shell (Hypromellose)

  • L-Carnatine

  • Magnesium Stearate

  • Chromium Picolinate

Slendex is caffiene free which is another plus. The only problems concerning Slendex are the phrases “100% natural” and “formulated by pharmacist” does to tend to contradict itself in the message it is communicating.

Side Effects Of Slendex

A relatively new introduction and not a great deal of consumer feedback. Initial signs are that it will not produce any unwanted or harmful side effects.

Should I Buy Slendex

A very new diet pill that does seem to have the right creditentials and ticks in the right boxes. However, wether it can compete with Hoodia in the appetite suppressant market is another matter.

Hoodia – or at least Pure Hoodia is ahead by some distance in terms of effect, comsumer feedback and history.

More About Pure Hoodia here

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