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Lauren Goodgers Weight

Lauren Goodger Weight

Star of reality TV show, The Only Way Is Essex (or simply TOWIE) Lauren Goodger has a much publicized battle with her weight.

Now it appears she is winning. Features in the media (Daily Mail, The Sun and New Magazine) have reported that he has lost a stone in just 4 weeks, dropping 2 dress sizes trimming down from a hefty 11st 4lbs to a more trimmer 10st 4lbs.

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Lauren is not satisfied though, she wants to shed at least another dress size – ideally becoming a size 8.

“I began at 11st 4lbs and now I’m weighing in at 10st 4lbs, that means I’ve lost a stone in about a month. I was a size 10-12 and now I’m a size 10. Ideally, though, I would want to get down to an 8-10.”
Lauren Goodger – Daily Mail

So What Is Lauren Goodgers Weight Loss Secrets

Lauren has always struggled to keep her weight down culminating in a very public row with her boyfriend and TOWIE co-star Mark Wright about her weight.

A high carb diet and too much booze has been Laurens downfall.

Carbohydrates are found in everyday foods and more often than not in the foods we love to eat such as rice, potatoes, pasta and cakes.

Meratol blocks carbsLauren was introduced to a new diet tablet called Meratol.

Meratol is a completely natural slimming pill that helps to raise your metabolism, reduce your calorie intake and block over 80% of your carbohydrate intake. So you do not need to go without the food you love.

The manufacturers are suggest that a weight loss of between 3-5lbs per week is typical from dieters.

Meratol can be purchased direct from the official website where a months supply costs £29.99.

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Meratol Diet Pills

Meratol Diet Pills Review

meratolMeratol is the the revolutionary 4 in 1 diet pill that tackles the main and important areas of weight loss.

Weight issues start with what we put into to our mouths – How much food we consume on a daily basis has a direct bearing on our future weight.

This may seem obvious but it if were and understood then the western world would not be experiencing its current obesity crisis.

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What Does Meratol Do

Meratol is 4 diet technologies in 1 that has been designed to deal with the following rudimentary weight problems

  • Reducing calorific intake
  • Curbing some carb and fat digestion
  • Speed up the metabolism
  • Burn unwanted body fat

The ingredients included are not new discoveries, they are a combination and an improvement on best of breed ingredients that have been improved. Meratol are not claiming to have re-invented the wheel, they have just rather cleverly come up with a weight loss solution that utilises 4 very clever and effective weight loss technologies.

Does Meratol Cause Side Effects

Meratol is relatively side effect free is used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Should I Buy Meratol

A highly effective diet pill that should be given serious consideration.

Where To Buy Meratol

buy MeratolMeratol can be purchased direct from the official website.

Prices start at just £29.99 for 60 capsules which is one months supply.

The product is also backed by a money back guarantee.

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