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Hydroxycut Max

Hydroxycut Max Diet Pills

Hydroxycut MaxHydroxycut Max is the latest incarnation of fat burner diet pills in the Hydroxycut product line up. Hydroxycut Max is primarily aimed at to women with the tagline Extreme Weight Loss For Women.

Several versions, rebrands and hybrids of Hydroxycut have appeared over the last 10 years – it is the turn of Hydroxycut Max to steal the limelight.

Formulated in a rapid release capsule whatever that is! It is also claimed that a blend of 25 unique ingredients combine to form the worlds most extreme female fat burner.

What Is Hydroxycut Max

Hydroxycut, generically speaking has an equal association with body building and weight loss.

Essentially a majority of the ingredients can be discounted as there is too lower dosage of each to be effective.

Hydroxycut Max is a fat burner and wishing to repeat ourselves over and over again – fat burners are the least effective of the diet pills currently on offer. More about fat burners here

The main compositors are Green Tea and Yohimbe

Green Tea

Ironically, the clinical studies that the marketeers of Hydroxycut Max use for promotion do not actually conclude with Hydroxycut Max but more a case of their separate ingredients.

Green Tea has ample scientific research and clinical research undertaken and it is agreed that it can raise the metabolism and increase energy levels – but is one step away from having a direct effect on weight loss.


Yohimbe is stimulant and strong one that at that – there is nothing documented that connects Yohimbe to weight loss. Yohimbe can cause some effects especially to people that are not in condition.

Side Effects Of Hydroxycut Max

A fair few fat burners can have side effects attached to them – Hydroxycut is no exception. Can cause restlessness and the jitters.

Dieters with kidney and heart conditions should avoid.

Is Hydroxycut Max Recommended

Hard to recommend – the original formula remains the best of all the Hydroxycut diet pill products. Original Hydroxycut here

Alternative Diet Pills

For a guide and as a help choosing the most effective diet pill both over the counter and prescription only – Click here


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Hydroxycut Diet Pills

Hydroxycut UK Review

Hydroxycut ReviewThe most well known if not notorious slimming pill is Hydroxycut.

Hydroxycut is now billed as Ephedra free, but this was not case until fairly recently.

The original Hydroxycut formula contained Ephadrine, a now banned substance and so the marketing people behind Hydroxycut have had to rethink their campaigns without the use of the once popular if rather dangerous Ephedra.

Hydroxycut is described as a fat burner but would be better described as a carb blocker.

The Ingredients Of Hydroxycut

  • Gymnema Sylvestre Extract
  • Chromium Polynicotinate
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)

The hydroxycitric acid increases fat oxidation and helps to normalise blood sugar levels.

Is Hydroxycut Effective – Does It Work

The original Hydroxycut formula was an effective weight loss product but can be described as weight loss nuclear style. The new incarnation is safer but not as effective with more emphasis on carb blocking than fat burning. Clinical studies have resulted in inconclusive evidence that carb blockers are effective.

Side Effects Of Hydroxycut

Hydroxcut is not as potentially harmful as it was when it was based around Ephedra but even so can still produce some pretty less than pleasant treatment effects.

  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Light Headedness
  • Feeling Of Restlessness
  • Sickness Or Nausea

Should I Use Hydroxycut For Weight Loss

The Hydroxycut asdvertisments that adorn diet related magazines and publications make Hydroxycut a very tempting proposition. The marketeers have certainly done their job and kudos to them. T

here are far better less complicated diet products available that will not cause side affects and more clinical proof and more importantly doctor recommendation.

Where To Buy Hydroxycut

UK stockists of Hydroxycut are few and far between – this should set alarm bells ringing!

Alternatives To Hydroxycut

There are several diet pills available in the UK that have a track record of success and do not cause side effects.

Proactol Plus for example is possibly the most legitimate diet pill available to a UK consumers. It is fully licensed and available to buy without prescription. It has been in circulation since 2006.

More about Proactol Plus



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