Lipofuze Fat Burner Review

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Can You Lose 10lbs In 10 Days

Lipofuze Fat Burner ReviewVery similar to Apidexin, Lipofuze tries just too hard to convince.

A high majority of diet pills (and in particular fat burners) that are predominantly targeted for American consumers do tend to prefer the wow factor compared to the more considered approach offered by UK focused diet products.

Lipofuze Fat Burner

As mentioned above – Lipofuze is not far removed from several other fat burners currently available – the message that leaps off the page on the official website is:

“Lose 10lbs in 10 days or your money back” – I wonder if any has actually received a refund!

Another marketing soundbite is consistent with US products is to try to eliminate the competition by using bold statements such as:

“Stop Wasting Time And Money On Products That Do Not Work”

Lipofuze Testimonials And Slimming Success Stories

Clinical evidence and scientific study is hinted at, although this appears to be very vague and does not go into finer detail.

The Diet success stories and testimonials are positive (as you would expect) on the Lipofuze website – more impartial and unbiased customer reviews are less forgiving.

Lipofuze Side Effects

Lipofuze is a fat burner, fat burner do have a habit of causing symptoms ranging from headaches, insomnia and a jittery feeling.

Is Lipofuze Recommended

Very hard to recommend

Where To Buy Lipofuze

The official website appears to be the only outlet – it is not available over the counter.

UK consumers may find purcahsing (and possibly returning) problematic as it is distributed from the United States.

Alternatives To Lipofuze

Proactol – a clinically proven and accredited fat binder that reduce fat digestion by up to a quarter.

Proactol or LipofuzeProactol is classed as a Medical Device Type 1 and available to buy direct without the need of a prescription.

More about Proactol


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