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Pro Shape RX

ProShape RX

Proshape RX

ProShape RX is a reasonably new diet pill product from an independant American weight loss company that appears to have just the one diet pill in its range. Pro Shape RX is combination diet pill that is very much a herbal solution.

Herbal diet pills are very effective with the added bonus of being fairly side effect free. Nowadays Ephedra has been banned from the marketplace and so there arent that many herbal diet pills that produce any side effect at all.

Pro Shape RX has Hoodia Gordonni as a main ingredient – the Hoodia used in the formula is original and certified and has the CITES certificate of authenticity. Read About Hoodia

What Is ProShape RX And What Does It Do

Pro Shape RX contains the following ingredients

  • Hoodia Gordonii – The strongest natural appetite suppressant. Can reduce the feelings of hunger and stop cravings for sugary foods
  • White Kidney Bean – Slows down the digestive process and converts starch into sugar which in turn reduces calorie intake
  • White Willow – When used in conjuntion of the other ingredients it can increase metobolism which helps to burn fat in natural and a controlled way
  • Beet Root – Normalizes the Ph levels of the body and helps to strengthen the blood
  • L-Methionine – Helps with the above processs
  • Fenugreek Extract – Balances the sugar levels in the blood
  • Green Tea Leaf – Helps kick start the fat burning process
  • Chitosan – A natural fibre that helps prevent bile and cholesterol absorbtion

The only ingredient that comes into question is Chitosan – Chitosan is not yet proven for efficacy. More About Chitosan

Does ProShape RX Cause Side Effects

Shouldn’t pose a risk to health if taken in accordance to supplied literature.

Does ProShape RX Work

The consumer reports from America are postive and feedback is generally good.

Where To Buy Proshape Rx

Buy Direct By from ProShape Rx Website

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