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Orovo X-Treme

Orovo Xtreme Diet Pills Review

Orovo XTremeOrovo X-Treme is the latest installment from the Orovo camp – the same company that brought us Orovo and Orovo Detox

According to the official website, Orovo X-Treme is Super Charged Superfoods Diet Pills whatever that is supposed to mean.

The reference to superfoods is easy enough to explain – there are supposedly 10 superfoods that a human being cannot live without.

Taking these superfoods, it is claimed, can aid weight loss, detoxify, cure acne, reduce wrinkles and slow down the ageing process.

The problem with claims such as these is that is all that they are – claims. Any company involved with herbal based product scan lay claim to more or less anything.

Orovo X-Treme is associated with the two above mentioned diet pills and also Lipovox and  the 7 Day Fat Burner – dubious products from a dubious stable.

What Is Orovo Xtreme

A combination of the most powerful weight loss and slimming ingredients to produce the strongest multifunctional diet pills in existence – says the marketing material. Not only are the 10 superfoods present but another 40 (random?) other ingredients added in for good measure.

The real comedy soundbite is again taken from the official website where the high price tag is justified by mentioning that it costs £50/$100 to manufacture just one bottle of diet pills.

Does Orovo Xtreme Work

The same conclusion is drawn as with its two predecessors

Side Effects Of Orovo X-Treme

A saving grace is that this diet pills should not cause any side effects

Orovo X-Treme Customer Comments

Testimonials, testimonies, reviews and customer comments from the official website are, as you would  expect, positive – unassociated and independent comments are less that flattering shall we say.

Should I Buy Orovo X-Treme

Highly advised against, not only is it one of the most expensive diet pills currently available but it is highly likely you would be purchasing hype and disappointment in a bottle.

Looking Elsewhere – Alternative Diet Pills

Clinically proven and GP approved diet pills click here

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Orovo Detox

Orovo Detox Review

Orovo Detox Superfoods diet pillOrovo Detox is similar to the original Orovo in so much as it contains the 10 original superfoods – but it also contains what the producers claim to be 31 of mother natures best toxin removers, or Super Detox Agents.

Orovo Detox does sound rather appealing – until you discover that Orovo Detox is from the same person/people that brought us Lipovox and 7-DFB (7 Day Fat Burner)

Read about the Original Orovo here

What is Orovo Detox

The principle of Orovo Detox is very sound – a weight loss pill that aids with detoxifcation. Detox is a very important part of weight management – cleansing your system is an absolute must to remain healthy and provides the springboard for weight management.

The problem being is that the Orovo Detox product and all the products associated with it are from a very dubious source.

There have been numerous customer service issues and the testimonials do not seem real. Once you start to investigate a little deeper there are plently of unsatisfied and disappointed dieters. Although the Orovo products are cheap, money is not the real issue – more a time issue. Wasting a month on a product that does not produce any weight loss is bitter pill to swallow if you pardon the pun.

Does Orovo Detox Work

Other than produce a mild placebo effect (it must work, therefore I think its working) do not expect to lose weight of experience detoxification.

Side Effects Of Orovo Detox

There have been no reported side effects

Where To Buy Orovo Detox

Can be purchased at the Orovo store or on eBay – we will not provide a link because we do not recommend nor agree with weight management products such as these.

Other Detox Products

Detox Plus

Did you know you may have pounds of fecal matter matter laying in your colon slowly poisoning from within.

This unexpelled body waste could cause a whole range of health issues.

Read about DetoxPlus

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Orovo Miracle Diet Pills

Orovo Review

Orovo Diet Pills

There are more and more slimming pills appearing on the market that are using the phrase Miracle Diet Pill or Secret Weight Loss Formula – all have very tempting sounding names and most have very stylish packaging.

Orovo is the lastest diet pill to thrust itself onto the weight loss market and appeal to dieters seeking a magical weight loss product.

What Is Orovo

Orovo does look rather nice, a black bottle with an orange circle. This wonder pill apparently can not only reduce weight but stop the ageing process and make a spotty face…less spotty. So a pill for fast weight loss that reduces acne and makes you young again.

This sounds very familiar. Rather than us write a review and list the ingredients, benefits and side effects of Orovo it would be far simpler to click on the Lipovox Review here as both products appear almost identical. The only differing factor is the packaging.

Orovo is Lipovox and Lipovox is Orovo. Both are produced and distributed by the same company/individual, both lead with the Superfood soundbite and both are marketed and sold heavily on eBay.

Does Orovo Cause Side Effects

Probably not.

Is Orovo Effective For Weight Loss

Judging by the many numerous complaints that have been surfacing it would suggest that Orovo is not effective.

Is Orovo Recommended

If you are looking to buy a diet pill online we would strongly suggest that you do NOT purchase this slimming product.

If you are serious about weight loss and plan to use a diet pill are both the prescription and non prescription avenues open to you. Click here for Most Effective Diet Pills

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