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Lipovarin Diet Pills Review

Lipovarin Diet Pills ReviewLipovarin is produced by Sterling Grant Laboratories and mainly aimed an American audience.

The tag line “Get the extra edge you need for great looking body” is very well and good – but does Lipovarin work.

Apparently the producers (SGL) have spend time and money developing an advanced thermogenic super weight loss formula that is specifically for your sensitive needs.

What Are Lipovarin Diet Pills

Apart from being an advanced weight loss formula, Lipovarin allows a dieter to eat what they like and still lose weight. Claims such as these are commonplace in the diet pill industry and usually attached to products that originate across the Atlantic.

Lipovarin should not be confused with:

Lipo 6LipobindLipoSeductionLiposinolLipoTrimLipovoxLipozene or any other diet pill that strategically used the prefix “Lipo”

Lipovarin Ingredients

Lipovarin contains a vast array of ingredients as well as the proprietary formula Metazide – here are the notable inclusions

  • Green Tea Extract – increases metabolism and acts as an anti oxidant
  • Serotain – acts an an appetite suppressant
  • Carnitine – The fat burning ingredient
  • Metabromine – can cause mood elevation

Lipovarin also includes Advantra-Z, Coleus Forskohli, 5-HTP, and 7-Keto Dhea, but the quantity is miniscule.

Does Lipovarin Work

This diet pill formula has fat burning, appetite suppressing and mood elevation properties within its formula. The formula is very in comparison to other fat burner and lack of money guarantee is major negative.

We have covered fat burners many times before. Read about Fat burners

As far as suppressing appetite is concerned look no further than the pharmaceutically produced Phentermine and the more natural Hoodia Gordonni

Lipovarin Comments

There have rumours that the testimonials used to promote Lipovarin are less than genuine, couple with the lack of money back guarantee and you are left with a product to leave well alone.

Other Diet Pills To Consider

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