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Hoodia Mint Review

Holland And Barrett Hoodia Mint

Hoodia Mint ReviewHoodia Gordonii is present in a vast majority of diet pills and not just appetite suppressants. Hoodia does tend to spark excitement when the ingredient is revealed in a new weight loss product.

Hoodia Mint is new angle on the whole Hoodia theme – and not a bad product too. Chewable Hoodia tablets are pretty much en vogue at the moment and often billed as weight loss on the move.

If you do not know what Hoodia is click here

Some dieters can have problem with diet pills or diet patches – either through the inability to swallow pills, tablets or capsules or find embarrassment in wearing a diet patch. Chewable Hoodia solves this problem.

What Is Hoodia Mint

Raw Hoodia that can be chewed – with a just a hint of sweetener to remove the bitter aftertaste that some people have experienced.

Hoodia’s taste is fairly nonedescript to the majority so a chewable product may not appeal to the tastebuds, hence the addition of Xylitol – a natural sweetener.

Does Hoodia Mint Contain Any Additives

Apart from raw Hoodia p57 (and Xylitol) none at all – which is refreshing as the current trend is add filler ingredients such as magnesium stearate.

Is HoodiaMint Genuine Hoodia

A CITES Certificate appears to be genuine plus the fact that Holland & Barrett supply the product adds to the authenticity.

Hoodia Mint – Does It Work

Not as potent as a Hoodia Diet Pill but certainly does curb the appetite.

Where To Buy Hoodia Mint

Holland & Barrett a small range of diet pills and weight loss aids including Hoodia Mint that can be purchased online from the Holland And Barrett website.

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