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African Mango Capsules UK

African Mango extract is the newest diet craze to arrive in the UK from the USA. The American media appeared to have gone slightly overboard when professing the benefits to weight loss this African superfruit give.

Media hysteria aside, African Mango does have a pretty convincing story to tell and has the backing of some industry heavyweights.

What Is African Mango Extract

Grown in the rain forests of Cameroon, Western Africa it is also called the “bush” or “wild” mango.

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Physically almost identical to mango you would expect to find in the supermarket, its outer flesh (the fruit) is nutritious and tasty but its is the seeds from the African Mango variety thats sets it apart.

Its seeds (irvingia gabonensis), have been studied over many years and show undeniable evidence according to research results to reduce bodyweight and lower bad LDL cholesterol.

“Breakthrough diet supplement that can help you lose 10 – 12lbs in a month”

African Mango Extract Diet 

American nutritionist, Dr Oz is a keen advocate of African Mango, he is thought to be partly responsible for bringing to public attention both on his own (Dr Oz Show) and also guesting on the Oprah show.

It was during one of his shows that he claimed African Mango to be the “miracle diet capsule” and the “breakthrough diet supplement that can help you to lose 10 – 12lbs

Dr Oz is highly thought of in the states, he is not your typical television health expert that lacks credentials – Dr Oz is the author of over 200 health related books and is the current Vice-Chairman and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University.

When Dr Oz recommends something American takes heed.

“Typical subjects lost 2″ in waist size”

How Does African Mango Extract Aid Weight Loss

It has fat burning and appetite suppressing properties that can significantly lower your daily calorie intake. It can also detox and cleanse the system allowing for a better functioning and maintained digestive system.

The results of clinical trials have indicated that after just a month or usage a typical subject lost 2 inches in waist size.

  • Can help to reduce body fat rather than just eliminating water retention.
  • Can help to control appetite lowering daily calorie intake.
  • Provides an energy boost allowing you to be more alert.
  • Can lower bad LDL cholesterol.

Does It Cause Side Effects

Completely safe for human consumption, a naturally derived substance that is no addictive and suitable for all age groups. Under 16 should not use a diet aid unless under guidance from a GP or doctor.

Which Product Is Recommended

African Mango Advanced from Evo-Slimming is highly recommended. It contains 2400mg making it one of the high concentrations and potent capsule based products available to a UK consumer.

It contains legitimate and genuine irvingia gabonensis seed and is also suitable for vegetarians.

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