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Orlistat Prescription Diet Pill

Orlistat is a prescription only diet pill that is marketed under the commercial brand name Xenical. We have reviewed Xenical here.

Orlistat is strong pharmaceutical diet pill that is not available to everyone. Only the clinically obese or morbidly overweight may be eligible.

The usual course of action is to visit your doctor or GP where he or she will assess several factors including your lifestyle, dietary habits and Body Mass Index (BMI)

As a general guide if your BMI is under 30 you will have practically no chance of being prescribed Orlistat. Calculate Your BMI

How Does Orlistat Work

Orlistat is a fat blocker and can stop over a quarter of fat from the food you consume from being absorbed into your body. This undigested fat can then leave your body via bowel movements. Fat Blocker and Fat Binder diet pills are extremely effective.

Orlistat can work without a significant change to your dietary habits as three quarters (75%) of consumed fat will not become part of your body mass. It is, however, strongly advised to alter your diet to benefit the most.

Is Orlistat Effective, Does It Work

A high majority of doctors and GP’s prescribe Orlistat over and above other diet pills such as Reductil and Phentermine and has been the prescribed diet pill of choice since its inception.

Orlistat Side Effects

There are side effects caused by Orlistat but none too serious and more an inconvenience than harmful.

As a percentage of fat is stopped or blocked at source it has to leave somehow – many have complained that their stools are runny and can start without much warning – some user have the misfortune of foul smelling stools and flactulence.

Although an embarrassment and inconvenience this is a sure sign that fat is being blocked from being absorbed.

Where To Buy Orlistat

Orlistat is via prescription only and cannot be purchased legitimately. We strongly advice not to attempt to buy Orlistat from any source be it online or private advert. Orlistat is prescription only diet pill for a reason.

Orlistat is very expensive to produce and easy to imitate – if you are tempted to purchase Orlistat there is very high possibilty that you will be buying a fraudulent product.

Alternatives to Orlistat

A half strength version of Xenical was released midway through 2007 called Alli. Alli is cut down version of Orlistat and available to purchase. Read About Alli

Proactol utilises the fat blocking technique in a slightly advanced manner by fat binding rather than simply stop the absorption, Proactol can bind with undigested fat and remove the inconvenient and embarrassing side effects.

Read About Proactol


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