Detox And Colon Cleansing

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Cleanse Your Colon – Detox Your System

Colon CleansingHave you ever stopped to consider how your body deals with its waste. Does your digestive system work as it should?

One of the major reasons for weight gain is not necessarily due to the food that we consume but more a case of the waste food product that we do not rid from our intestines.

An interesting fact to consider is that over half the adult population in the country do not produce a daily bowel movement – 6 in every 10 adults complain of feeling bloated, fatigued and listless and many have a protruding stomach that appears to out of proportion with the rest of their body.

What Is The Colon

Your colon is approximately 6 to 8 feet long and can be best described as a tubing that transports bodily waste through your digestive system and expels fecal matter out of your body via bowel movements.

The small intestines absorb the goodness from the food that we consume – the waste product or fecal debris that is not needed can leave our body – ideally as swiftly as possible.

Why You Should Cleanse Your Colon

Cleansing the colon or detoxing as it is now being phrased is of utmost importance. The 6 to 8 feet of coiled up tubing (your colon) has many crevasses and creases that can trap fecal debris on its journey to ultimately leave the body.

Why Should I Colon Cleanse“Your colon could contain several months of undigested waste stuck around the tiny cravases of your small intestines…

without proper care and maintenance you could be poisoning yourself from within”

This waste material gets stuck in your colon and starts to rot and then gets absorbed back into the body. The waste material contains harmful toxins that can poison your system.

The more regular your bowel movements are the less chance there is of the harmful toxins being absorbed back into your body.

The longer the fecal matter or debris lies in your colon the higher the chance you have succumbing to the effects it can cause.

Detox Your Colon

If you suffer from the following symptoms it is time to cleanse and detox your colon:

  • Weight Gain – disproportionate or protruding belly (bloating)
  • Indigestion – the symptoms of irritable bowel
  • Heartburn – indigestion or acidic feeling
  • Constipation – that can last for days
  • Acne – spots and pale complexion of the slin
  • Allergies – allergic reaction to food
  • Body Odor – despite bathing frequently
  • Hemorrhoids – piles or itchy anus
  • Bad Breathe – despite regular teeth cleaning

Lack of colon maintenance can also be the cause of frequent headaches and general feeling unwellness or fatique.

What is Colon Detox And Cleansing

Cleasning your colon is flushing your system through – a crude example is to imagine the process you would use to unblock your drain!

The most expensive form of colon cleansing colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy – this process is usually carried out by a professional hydrotherapist and can cost hundreds of pounds.

The biggest negative with physical colon cleansing is not only the cost but the process involves a tube that is inserted up into the anal cavity to which a water based chemical is gushed up into the colon and then allowed to flow out with hopefully the waste fecal matter attached.

This process can not only remove the toxin but also some of our friendly bacteria, lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria which is essential for a healthy colon.

Recommended Colon Cleanse Product

The better solution is a natural detox or colon cleansing solution that is taken orally and ingested. This natural solution does not harm the rectum or remove any of the friendly essential bacteria.

If you are a UK consumer DetoxPlus is the most popular colonic health product.

More about Detox Plus


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