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Proactol Voucher Code – Proactol Telegraph Promo

Proactol Diet Pills Telegraph Promotion

Leading slimming pill manufacturer Proactol, have teamed up with UK newspaper The Telegraph to bring an exclusive offer to its readers. For the remainder of this month a £10 ($20) discount coupon is offered to readers of the Telegraph – The discount code is at the bottom of this article.

New Voucher code for Christmas 2008 is PRXMAS (click to activate then enter code at checkout.)

The online version of the Telegraph has recently featured Proactol in its article “5 Best Ways To Lose Weight This Year.”

Proactol Telegraph Promotion

Click Here To Read The Telegraph Proactol Article

The article depicts the 5 Best ways to lose weight after using extensive research and interviews with real people who have successfully achieved their weight loss target.

5 Best Ways To Lose Weight According To Successful Slimmers

  1. Eating 6 Times A Day
  2. Taking A Medically Approved Fat Binder
  3. Sharing Weight Loss Goals With Other Dieters
  4. Not Missing Breakfast
  5. Following A Sensible Diet Plan Or Weight Loss Program

So, just to underline the fact that there is no magic solution to losing weight – it is more a question of using one of the above 5 methods and actually doing something. Use all 5 and factor in some time and energy and there will be no more excuses for being overweight.

There is no real need for us to review Proactol again at this stage – you can read an earlier Proactol Review here.

For More information about this current Proactol Promo Click Here

Oh ….the discount voucher code is CREDPR (recently updated)

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Free Hoodia Slimming Pills – Try Hoodia Diet Pills For Free

Free Hoodia – Trial Hoodia For Free

The people at Pure Slim are offering a near exclusive Free Hoodia promotion to our readers. The promotion is a 5 day trial of award winning appetite suppressant Pure Hoodia.

This promotion is the only free Hoodia trial available in the UK.

Hoodia On Offer

The promotion is a one week course that should after a few capsules decrease your appetite quite significantly. To initially benefit most from Hoodia it is advised not to alter your eating habit in any way, just eat when you are hungry. After a few days you will notice that food consumption is being reduced and you are not craving food, your food portions will become less and less and you will be leaving food on your plate.

Free Hoodia Diet Pills

Hoodia is the most effective appetite suppressant available – with the added advantage of being completely natural (genuine brands) and side effect free.

This promotion offers a great chance for dieters to experience the enormous advantages that Hoodia provides for relatively little cost.

If you are experiencing any problem with this promotion please feel free to email us at

Pure Hoodia is only Hoodia branded capsule that we give our thorough recommendation to. Pure Slim have imported 100% natural Hoodia Gordonii for over 10 years – their certification of authenticity is much envied. read our Hoodia Review here

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Slimming Pill Offers

Current Offers And Deals For Slimming Pills

At present Proactol have a promotional offer for top selling consumer slimming product Proactol. Currently a one month supply will cost you just over £44 (that 36p per tablet)

For longer term weight loss they offer a 4 month package retailing at £121.99 (thats 25p per tablet) plus a free toning belt. The toning belt alone is worth 39.95 – just strap on, turn on and after 10 minutes of tiny vibrations on your stomach you will have done the equivalent of 600 sit ups.

This offer is backed by a 100% money back guarantee – so if you do not experience weight loss you are entitled to your money back.

Proactol is completley natural, very effective and competitively priced.  Proactol has earned the trust of the media throughtout the year and more importantly our trust. At the start of the year we criticised Proactol for being over priced – the rebuttal was “Proactol is a premium product that is proven to be effective and so we have a right to charge accordingly.” Now it seems they have not only restructured their pricing but offering useful products (toning belt) via promo offers. Grab it while you can

Slimming pills on offer

Read more about Proactol here

Visit The Proactol Website


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