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Hoodia Slimming Patch

Hoodia Slimming Patch

Have you tried a slimming patch? Slimming patches are relatively new to the weight loss industry but a welcome addition. A patch is targeted toward dieters that feel uncomfortable taking diet pills, slimming tablets or a weight loss supplement orally for whatever reason. 

A patch offers the same benefits to that of a weight loss pill without the need to swallow.

Before we go any further we would like to underline the fact that not all slimming patches are effective, a large majority of slimming patches that you will find advertised on the internet do not contain any (or trace) of the weight reducing, appetite suppressing agent. We suggest you search for “slimming patch scam” via the web and then come back to this site.

How Do Slimming Patches Work

An genuine slimming patch contains most of the ingredients present in a diet pill – but it is the slow release of the substance through the skin that sets it apart from oral weight loss medication. This slow release through the skin is called Transdermal Technology – or the Transdermal Delivery System.

A weight loss pill will start to have an effect once it has been consumed and the ingredients become active once they have become part of the metabolism. Whereas a slimming patch is administered directly into the bloodstream activating the ingredients almost immediately without a need to travel through the stomach.

The Advantages Of A Slimming Patch

As the patch offers a slow release of its ingredients over time there is little or no chance of an overdose as the patch controls the level of ingredient administered. There will be no dilution of potency and blood sugar levels will not suffer a shock.

Although, arguably a diet pill, when taken consistantly will always offer a more potent weight loss effect a patch gives the dieter less opportunity to miss a course or dose as usually the patch is applied once a day (or every 48 hours).

A slimming patch is also discreet (can be mistaken for a band aid) and worn under clothing.

What Slimming Patch To Buy

As with diet pills there are two defined groups, the before and after (the appetite suppressant and the fat blocker, fat binder etc..) The only effective slimming patches currently available are the suppressant form.

Where To Buy Slimming Patches

Currently PureSlim have a range of the Hoodia based slimming patches available starting from £19.95 for a one month supply.

Buy Hoodia Slimming Patch Here

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