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Slimming patches are beginning to rival diet pills for effect and results and why shouldn’t they. Most contain similar ingredients it is just the delivery method that is different.

The popularity of the slimming patch greatly increased after the launch of the Hoodia Patch and other manufacturers have followed suite.

Slimming patches or diet patches use transdermal delivery which literally mean through the skin. As the ingredients of the diet patch are not ingested and administered directly into the bloodstream there is no need to travel through the stomach first and so it is argued that diet patches are faster working than diet pills.

What Is The Transdermal Delivery Method

The Transdermal Delivery method as touched upon is adhesive patches that are used to deliver a controlled dose of medication through the skin over a period of time. A skin patch uses a special membrane to control the amount and rate at which the liquid medication contained in the reservoir within the patch can pass through the skin and into the blood stream.

Slimming Patches Are The Future

Doctors and GP’s around globally are calling transdermal delivery method the delivery system of the future because it has been discovered that a high absorption rate of many pills, tablets and supplements can be achieved when delivered through the skin.

The reasoning behind this is when medication are delivered transdermally, they go directly to the blood stream, initially bypassing the liver, stomach and intestine. The result can be as much as 95% of the supplements get to the cells where they are needed.

Slimming Patch Compared To Diet Pills

A majority of medications are taken orally and dosage intervals may be inconvenient. Some medication is partly destroyed or neutralized when it reaches the stomach, intestine or liver before reaching the blood stream.

Accordingly, a higher dose is needed to ensure efficacy, which in turn may increase the risk of side effects. Small amounts of the active ingredients are delivered consistently over 24 hours so there are no peaks or troughs. This is particularly useful when you want the ingredients to be working overnight, as this is the primary re-generation time for cells of the body

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