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Nuphedrine With Hoodia

Nuphedrine Diet Pills

Nuphedrine with Advantra-Z and HoodiaNuphedrine is a combination of two of the most talked about diet pill products, Hoodia and Advantra-Z.

Can be described as a combination of the substantiated and unsubstantiated – Hoodia being the proven while the Jury in most opinions on Advantra-Z is most definitely out.

Nuphedrine is not the only diet pill to utilise both products, MiracleBurn is another diet pill based around Hoodia and Advantra-Z. Read about MiracleBurn

Hoodia or Hoodia Gordonii is an powerful natural appetite suppressant that reduces hunger and food cravings. Hoodia has been put under the microscope recently with regard to authenticity. Genuine or Pure Hoodia has a CITES Certificate that proves legitimacy. Read more about Hoodia

Advantra-Z is a pateneted form of the alkaloid synephrine – derived from the citrus aurantium. Advantra-Z has replaced the Ephedra compound in many diet pills nowadays due to the imposed restriction on Ephedra. Read about Ephedra

It is claimed that Advantra-Z offers a dieter a potent fat burning effect without the repercussions of harmful side effects.

Does Nuphedrine Cause Side Effects

If taken as prescribed there should be any side effects experienced.

Does Nuphedrine Work

The biggest let down is the official Nuphedrine website – it does lead with hype and tries to hard to convince. 20X Hoodia strength means absolutely nothing. 400mg is the defacto, no more no less.

The before and after pictures have a rather staged look to them – it is hard to find real customer testimonials and success stories.

Nuphedrine Summary

Remove the Advantra-Z from the equation and you left with Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia has the potency and effect to be used on its own.

Advantra-Z is a fat burner. Fat burners on the whole are not that effective. Fat blocking or fat binding is by far the better option. Effective Fat Blockers and Fat Binders here

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