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Lipozene Diet Pills UK

Lipozene Diet Pill Review UK

Lipozene claims to reduce body fat – it has been subject to many TV commercials, mostly in the USA. Lipozene is produced by Obesity Research Institute who have a less than flattering history in the weight loss pill market.

Uk dieters may be oblivious to the existence of Lipozene but across the atlantic it is becomming very well known indeed – and not for its benefits to weight loss.

What Is Lipozene

Lipozene is a 100% natural fibre complex that has few ingredients and relies almost soley on it magic ingredient. The magic ingredient appears to be a natural fiber from the Konjac root – called Glucomannan.

It is becomming increasingly more apparent that diet pill manufacturers, especially in the herbal supplement marketplace are simply connecting the phrases 100% natural and plant extract and base their product on the success and effectiveness of rival products.

Just because a diet pill is natural and is derived from a plant does not guarantee that it will have any weight loss or appetite suppressing effect.

Hoodia Gordonii can be blamed for this. Hoodia Gordonii is the most potent natural appetite suppressant on the face of the earth – it is natural and has just one ingredient pure Hoodia Gordonii plant extract. So why shouldnt another natural plant extract share the same appetite suppressing effect – that at least is what the manufacturers of diet pills such as Lipozene are banking on – whilst leaching onto the positives surrounding the Hoodia plant. Read About Hoodia Gordonii here.

How Does Lipozene Work

Very simply – it is described as creating a dietary sponge that makes you feel full. This is according to the official website. What this means and how this is supposed to suppress appetite is anyones guess.

Side Effects Of Lipozene

Not likely to cause any side effects – or indeed have any effect at.

Does Lipozene Work

The clinical trials that supposedly took place involving the ingredient Glucomannan were recently flagged by the Federal Trade Commission  who subsequently charged the manufacturers, Obesity Research Institute with making false and unsubstantiated claims.

Should I Buy Lipozene

There are two reasons not to buy Lipozene.

  1. The product has no clinical evidence that it can reduce body fat.
  2. Many consumers have complained of being overcharged when buying Lipozene online from the official website. The returns policy stated is 30 day money back guarantee – but this rendered useless when the customer service team do not respond to calls, emails, faxes and letters.

If you are thinking of using an appetite suppressant to control your weight you have two sensible options

A GP prescribed course of phentermine. Phentermine has been known to cause side effects to be mindful of this. Read About Phentermine here

Alternatively read about Proactol Plus


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