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Moving slightly away from diet pills, there are other products that deserve a review – and not least the Lipo Contour Body Shaper or Miracle Pants and that have rather comically been coined recently.

The Lipo Contour Body Shape Pants are Italy’s best (or worst) kept secret, aimed at helping you remodel your figure safely, effectively and effortlessly, with long lasting results.

Recently developed by a world leading cosmetic surgeon, Professor Maco Gasparotti, the Lipo Contour is an exceptional piece of weight loss underwear.

Thanks to the optimal efficacy this high strength body former is also very suitable to use after lipo suction and lipo sculpture treatment and can also be used after pregnancy to lose the baby fat and to get the body back into shape.

What Is Lipo Contour

Lipo Contour is made from a patented, double layered and comfortable fabric, it has the abaility to micro massage and compress the thigh, tummy and hip areas, while giving specific support to the side of the thigh, buttocks and the lower abdomen.

The gentle massaging action helps to break down the build up of cellulite so the fat is whisked away and removed from the body.

Lipo Contour can be used in conjuntion with other weight loss products such as diet pills, slimming patches and supplements.

Lipo Contour Consumer Reviews

We have heard good thing about this product – Lipo Contour has had the following media coverage

  • Elle Magazine – Summer Body Special June
  • OK Magazine – Lipo Contour Testimonials September 2007
  • Daily Mail – Slimming Success Article May 25th
  • GMTV – Lorraine Kelly Show July 9th
  • Now Magazine – The Perfect Bum, Tried And Tested

Lipo Contour

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