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Leptoprin Anorex Diet Pills

Leptoprin Anorex Review


Leptoprin also known as Anorex is made by leading pharmaceutical company Klein Becker. It appears at first glance to be a reputable weight loss drug that is geared toward the obese or seriously overweight.

Leptoprin is advertised quite aggressively in the USA not so much in the UK and Europe. The marketing people have spent a fortune on ad campaigns using the methodology that if you hear it enough times it will become a houshold name and therefore can be trusted.

So who pays for the marketing? Unfortunatley it is the poor punter – the obese of overweight. Leptoprin is aguably the most expensive diet pill on the market. It is the other end of the scale to weight loss products such as Lipovox and Orovo – whereby they approach the weight loss market at the “cheap diet pill” end. Just because a product is expensive it does not mean it will work!

Without getting into technicalities the Federal Trade Commision has filed charges against the manufacturers citing charges that include: unrealistic weight loss claims, using clinical evidence that was not the findings of someone that was qualified to do so and many comsumer complaints.

What Is Leptoprin

Leptoprin is a fat burner class of slimming pill – that is classed a drug and not as a supplement.

What Does Leptoprin Do

Very little in terms of weight loss

Side Effects Of Leptoprin

Can cause a few a side effects such as anxiety, dry mouth, insomnia and other effects that you usually usually associate with a high coffee intake – Leptoprin contains caffeine.

Does Leptoprin Work

Leptoprin may be the cure for hundred ailments – but the problem it is designed to tackle, weight loss, it falls alarmingly short.

Should I Buy Leptoprin

Not recommended.

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