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Ephedrine P57

Ephedrine P57 Diet Pills

Ephedrine p57 Diet Pill

Ephedrine and diet pills containing the substance Ephedra are now banned in the USA, UK and many other countries – it is not however, a worldwide ban and some countries still sell the substance.

Often billed a strong diet pill, Ephedrine can cause more problems than it solves – there have been many cases of side effects ranging from the minor to the fatal. Read about Ephedra here

The reputation Ephedrine has of being a strong diet is often misquoted – strong as in the effects it can cause, not strong as in potent weight loss formula.

Ephedra And Hoodia

P57 refers to Hoodia component – P57 is the name given to the Hoodia molecule that is responsible for appetite suppression. Hoodia is not an illegal substance, quite the contrary – it is a natural herbal weight loss supplement. Read more about Hoodia here

Combining the the two (Ephedra and Hoodia) is very much combining both ends of scale. The Hoodia component is an obvious attempt to introduce naturality into a diet product to appeal to both ends of the consumer market.

Side Effects Of Ephedrine P57

Some of the minor side effects attributed to Ephedrine are

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Some quite serious side effects have been documented and even fatalities from which seven figure payouts have resulted via court cases.

Where To Buy Ephedrine P57

The internet is worldwide market and so banned or illegal substances can always be obtained by fair means or foul. It is strongly advised to not buy Ephedrine P57.

Just because a diet pill is banned it may seem appealing to some – as suggested before strong does not neccessarily mean strong in the potent for weight loss sense.

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