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Tesco Diets 10 Day Free Trial

TescoDiets Online Diet Free Trial

Tesco eDiets
TescoDiets the UK’s biggest online diet and weight loss programme are offering a 10 day free trial of their award winning online diet and healthy eating service –

Of the many (possibly hundreds if not thousands) of diet plans and programmes available, TescoDiets is one of the better ones – competitively priced and not trying to be a a latest fad diet with unusual food combinations.

The Tesco programme (or program) consits of modules that can be uniquely tailored to suit. Comparitive diets such as the “one diet fits all” type of plans and programmes can be unhealthy, boring and even dangerous – the Maple Syrup Diet is a prime example.

Join TescoDiets today and gain access to the online forum where you can share the weight loss successes and diet success stories from others in the UK and around the globe..

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Tesco Diets

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Tesco Diet Plans

Tesco Diet Plan Promotion

Tesco Ediets Promotion

Tescos are continuing to promote their excellent Tesco eDiets diet plan with a promotion that will run for a limited time (or until further notice.)

The promotional offer is a free set of weighing scales that are being given away with every purchase of any of the diet plans currently on offer.

This promo is very good value as the scales alone are worth £36 just on their own – they are not just ordinary scales that measure body weight but also body fat in 0.1% increments. So not only can you watch your body weight tumble but also monitor your body fat reduce.

The Tesco eDiets Diet Plan are £2.99 per week and the minimum purchase is a ten week plan – so for £29.99 you get access to a diet plan that will suit for 2 and half months and a set of scientific body weight and body fat scales.

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Tesco eDiets

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