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Buy Alli Diet Pills From UK

Buy Alli diet pill from UK shopsAfter what seems like an eternity UK customer are finally able to buy Alli.

Alli is the most discussed, most reviewed and most anticipated diet pill in the history of the weight loss industry.

Alli is marked as the wonder diet pill – a weight loss product that can tackle and prevent obesity – but after all the hype has subsided what are we really left with.

Alli has been available in the US for several months now and experienced a hype fueled media frenzy similar to what the UK is going through now.

At first glance Alli appears to the perfect diet pill – a diet pill that is approved by the FDA, can stop the absorption of fat and available over the counter without prescription.

US dieters have had Alli for a number of months and user reviews emerging from the States are rather less glowing.

Some of the negative comments sidled upon Alli include.

  • Can cause runny stools
  • Not a natural product, chemically produced
  • Not thoroughly tested on humans
  • Earlier reports linked with colon cancer in mice

But nonetheless Alli will prove popular and make the company responsible GlaxoSmithKline huge profits.

Alli Diet Pills – Where To Buy UK

At present Boots the Chemist stock Alli diet pills both at branch level and via their online store –  costing £32.95 for a week supply and £49.95 for the full month – Buy Alli From Boots

The cheapest price however is via online UK registered chemists such as Chemist Direct£39.95 for the full month (82 pack)

Alli Conclusion

Alli is going to prove popular at least for the short term especially when the huge marketing budget is taken into consideration.

The long term effect that Alli could have is open for discussion at a later date.

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