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Diet Pills, Diet Plans & The New Year

How To Start Your New Year Diet

new year diet planAs 2008 draws to a close, thoughts and good intentions towards a new year diet enters into the equation.

Weight loss programs, diet plans and anything vaguely connected to slimming are the most probable new year resolution themes. Quitting smoking, alcohol or a new career path trails a distant second.

The Christmas week is notorious for making our battle with the bulge just that little bit more difficult as we just cannot seem to resist the temptation of the Quality Street, mince pie or extra extra helping of Xmas pud.

Come January 1st – it is as if we have realised the epiphany and must repent for our past culinary sins and embark on a diet that usually does not involve eating cold turkey but turning cold turkey.

Diets And New Years Resolutions

So, the start of a new year is an ideal starting point to put the past behind you and focus on the future targets:

The first throws of spring is traditionally the first milestone weight loss target when the winter wardrobe is resigned to the attic as the skirt, T shirt and skimpy frock make their 2009 debut.

The race is on – three months to lose as much weight as possible and gym membership, subscription to the latest fad celebrity endorsed diet plan and a liberal sprinkling of diet pills seem to be prerequisites.

It is by the end of January that a majority of dieters either lose interest, cheat or realise that maybe they have chosen the wrong method, program or product. Oh well there is always next year.

Will My Diet Plan Work This Year

So how do we give ourselves the best chance of weight loss success. What is the most effective diet plan, which diet pills work best and did “her off the telly” really lose all that weight by using product X.

The answer is both complicated and simple.

In the interest of interest and to avoid a long boring scientific research driven answer compiled over several decades we will use the simple explanation.

YOU – you are both the answer and the problem.

It is you that is most likley to give up on the diet plan rather than the diet plan give upon you. Diet plans do not cheat and sneak a bounty bar between lunch and dinner. Diet plans do not crave cream cakes and give into tempatation.

What Is The Most Effective Diet Plan

All books, regardless of subject are just a rearrangement of the dictionary. All diet plans can be very crudely described in much the same way.

Different combinations of foods required at certain times of the day is a very rough summary of the “Diet Plan” or “Weight Loss Programme.”

The question is just how much are you willing to pay.

Zone DietAt the expensive end of the scale we have commercial juggernaughts such as the Zone Diet – A US focused diet that was the brainchild of Dr Barry Sears.

If becoming acquainted with OmegalRX and Polyphenols is a burning ambition then go ahead and subscribe.

The Zone Diet can teach you little gems such as “how to eat” and “which snack to buy” – all at a cost, money for old rope springs to mind!!

Tesco DietsIf on the other hand you have little interest in the science preferring the more British approach then the Tesco Diets may appeal more.

Tesco Diets are not so focused on product placement and provide a community approach.

The Tesco Diet private forum is run by members and negative comments are not deleted, moderated in a biased manner or suppressed.

What About Diet Pills

Love’em or loathe them we have dedicated many column inches reviewing the good, the bad and the ugly. For a definative guide to choosing the right diet pill for you – Read the Diet Pills Guide

Whatever diet plan or diet product you choose – the most likely point of failure is you – dont give that little devil on your left shoulder the satification.

January 1st 2009 is the first day of the rest of your diet.


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