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Proactol Review

Since the initial Proactol Review the web has become a breeding ground for misinformation surrounding not only Proactol but a majority of leading and popular diet pills.

A general rule of thumb when purchasing a diet pill or weight loss product is to avoid eBay like the plague.

A cursory glance at the weight loss section reveals hundreds of diet pills all claiming to be the “worlds strongest diet pill” or “cheapest diet tablet” – while the latter may be true, cheap is not a word that should enter into the equation where your health is concerned.

Diet pills under a fiver are commonplace with the chief culprits being the fat burners and T3 or T5 type products.

Diet products that work usually retain value and have a cost of production – £4.99 for a product claiming to be the best of breed certainly does not fit the premium product profile considering the fact that the most effective diet pill available (Xenical Orlistat)) can cost in the region of £75 just for production.

Should I Buy Proactol

It is generally accepted that the most effective diet pill is a fat blocker called Xenical, Xenical is via prescription only and cannot be purchased legitimately by UK consumers, so don’t try. More about Xenical

Xenical is expensive to produce and yet can be found on the web cheaper than the cost of production. You may be purchasing Xenical packaging but the contents could be anything but.

Proactol works is similar way to Xenical and is available to purchase direct without the need for a prescription.

Both Xenical and Proactol use a fat stopping technology – by introducing either of these diet pills into your diet regime your fat intake will be reduced significantly.

Inhibiting calorie intake is the best way to lose weight, be it without using diet pills (reducing food portions) or using diet pills (negating the effect of a percentage of food consumed)

Proactol Summary

if you have made a decision to use diet pills as part of your weight loss regime consider Xenical first and foremost – Xenical is only available to the very over weight or obese and to qualify for a prescription your BMI must be above 30. Check Your BMI

If your BMI is under 30 consider using Proactol – Proactol has accreditation and classed a Medical Device Type 1

Proactol can reduce you fat intake by around a quarter and suppress appetite. Proactol has under gone 4 separate clinical trials.

Where To Buy Proactol

Proactol can only be purchased direct from the official Proactol Website and is not distributed to any other retailer or sold via any other website.

The cost of Proactol ranges form a  shade over £50 for a one month supply to an eight month supply costing around £28 per month.

Officila Proactol WebsiteProactol is an expenisve product – but then  again Proactol is a premium product. The guarantee period is 6 months, so if after a few months you feel you are not experiencing the benefit send it back for a full refund (less around a tenner for shipping)

Proactol is based in Nottingham and orders can placed either by ordering online with a credit card, by post or by good old fashioned telephone (Call centre is based in Nottingham.)

If you do intend on purchasing Proactol – a discount e-voucher is in effect –  CREDPR

Visit the Proactol Website

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Acomplia Diet Pills Side Effects – Slimming Drug Now Banned

Acomplia Rimonabant Diet Pills Side Effects

acomplia diet pills side effectsPrescription only diet pills, Rimonabant – more commonly known as Acomplia, have been removed from the shelves of stockists.

Acomplia was only available via a visit to a GP or doctor and under prescription and on its introduction was seen by many healthcare professionals at the anti obesity drug of the future.

Over the last two years an estimated 100,000 UK dieters have used the weight loss drug but latest evidence suggests that the possible health risks associated with Acomplia outweight its potential benefit.

Side Effects And Health Risks Of Acomplia

We have already reviewed and commented on the potential side effects associated  with Acomplia Rimonabant.

Acomplia it was though can cause a whole host of health problems ranging from the physical symptoms such as nausea, tendonities and stomach cramps – to more serious psychiatric disorders such as panic attacks to memory loss.

It is now thought that Acomplia may have been the cause of several deaths including a possible suicide.

Acomplia is only prescribed to the extremely overweight of dangerously obese. Mid 2008 the NHS gave approval of Acomplia to used as a last resort anti obesity drug.

How Does Acomplia Work

Acomplia Rimonabant is an appetite suppressant that works by creating a feeling a fullness for the dieter so that food is not craved so much. The theory is that if the brain does not crave for food the body will not take on more calories than it needs – so after time, food portions become reduce and the stomach shrinks.

Appetite suppressants are effective but some of the pharmaceutical drug class diet pills are incredibly strong and can cause more problems than they solve. More about Appetite Suppressants

The dilimma now for the manufacturers of Acomplia – French firm Sanofi-Aventis is what to do in the interim. Bad press will obviously harm profits. A possible solution could be to produce a lower strength version of Rimonabant and possible market under a different brand.

Prescription Diet Drugs

Of the available prescription diet pills, Acomplia has approximately one tenth of the UK market. The most popular and widely prescribed diet pill is Orlistat – brand name Xenical. Xenical is not an appetite suppressant, Xenical works by blocking fat from being absorbed by the body. More about Xenical

Xenical is relatively side effect free – there are one or two side effects that are well documented but these are a minor irritation that anything sinister.

It is interesting to note that Xenical has almost a decade of working clinical trials wheras Acomplia has just the two.

Like Acomplia, Xenical is not available to purchase and only prescribed to the overweight. Typically if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is in the mid 30’s you are considered overweight bordering on obese. Check your BMI

Maybe if drug companies were not in such as rush to get their products out into the market the consumer and the drug company would benefit more in the long term.

Read about Herbal Diet Pills


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Buy Xenical Online

Buy Xenical Diet Pills Online

Buy Xenical Online UKFor many months we have by been preaching to the overweight that buying Xenical via any means online is the not the wisest decision you could make.

Xenical is generally accepted by all quarters as the diet pill of choice – it is more than likely the diet pill that would be prescribed if you were to visit your GP or doctor and he or she sought fit to offer you weight loss medication based on the severity of your body weight. Check your BMI

In recent months to combat the number of fraudulent Xenical (brand name of Orlistat) diet pills that can be purchased outside of the UK, some online pharmacies have been granted permission to sell Xenical online via a web based store.

For an explanation as to how Xenical (Orlistat) works click here

The process of buying Xenical is not as simple of invisibly purchasing – a online consultation has to take place first. A qualified GMC registered doctor will send you a personal profile based on your information given. This applies to UK residents only.

Online Consultation For Xenical

If this process appears to long winded and a purchase from outside of the UK seems less troublesome and easier – be reminded that an Eastern European websites are not regulated as they are here in the UK. If your product does happen to find its way to you the chance that it is authentic product is slim.

Reasons To Buy Xenical Online

Xenical is one of the most effective diet pills available. Xenical is a fat blocker that can stop over a quarter of dietary fat intake from being absorbed by the body. Xenical is considered essential weight loss medication by the health and weight loss industry.

A visit to a GP may not ideal when the embarrassment factor is entered into the equation – buying Xenical online is slightly more discreet.

Reasons Not To Buy Xenical Online

Xenical is prescription only for a reason. Xenical is a pharmaceutical grade diet pill and so ideally should be administered by a health profressional.

Xenical is expenisive to buy over £100 for legitimate UK Xenical product. A prescribed course of Xenical is the price of a prescription.

Nowadays there are several other diet pills that can compete with Xenical as far as effect and safety are concerned. Most are natural and herbal based that do not requite a prescription. Competing natural diet pil products cost less.

How to buy Xenical without a visit to your GP click here

Alternatives To Xenical

The over the counter diet pill market has products to match Xenical’s fat blocking effect. Namely Lipobind and Proactol

Compare Lipobind and Proactol

1-2-1 Nutritional Consultation with Dr Gillian McKeith

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