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Scam Diet Pills

Which Diet Pills To Avoid

Diet pills to avoid

The diet pill with the biggest controversy surrounding it is without a doubt Hoodia Gordonii. it was the mid nineties that saw Hoodia arrive on the scene with media hysteria – even chat show queen Oprah Winfrey got in on the act – although she has since stated that she has never used a Hoodia Gordonni diet pill.

This is not to say that Hoodia is a scam diet pill – quite the contrary. Hoodia is the most potent natural appetite suppressant to be discovered. It is the sad statistic that around 80% of Hoodia Gordonii products are either fake, synthetically produced or contain filler ingredients and additives.

So not to dwell on Hoodia Gordonii, we have covered it many times before- click here before buying a Hoodia diet product.

Diet Pills – Clinical Trials

The over the counter or bought online diet pills can often mislead “Clinical Trial” can sometimes mean that the trial was undertaken inhouse – this would hardly be unbiased.

Scrutinise the clinical trial if the information is available – if it is not then there is an obvious reason for making this information not so easy to attain.

Diet Pill Consumer Reviews And Testimonials

Some consumer feedback, testimonials and weight loss success stories can be prone to embelishment or simply made up for the benefit of marketing customer confidence – some diet products stand up on their own, others need help.

There is no hard and fast rule in identifying the fictional from the factual – common sense and judgement usually prevails in these circumstances. If a product tries too hard to convince there is usually a reason.

Negative Reviews Of Diet Pills

This website has criticised its fair share of diet pill products and not wishout just cause and reason. Some of the diet pills to look closely at and exmamine effect and trust are (in no particular order)

There are, however, a few roses amongst the thorns. The following have clinical data and medical research from an independant source and have bothered to aquire accreditation for both efficacy and safety. In no particular order

  • Xenical – Prescription only Fat Blocker
  • Proactol – Medical Device Type 1 Fat Binder
  • Pure Hoodia – CITES Certified genuine Hoodia appetite suppressant
  • Aloeride – Potent Aloe Vera tablet *highly recommended*
  • Silver Slimming – Long history of satisfied customers
  • LIPObind – Fat Binder with accreditation
  • Dietrine – Carb Blocker, subjected to clinical trials

There are also the also rans – weight loss products that are of a weak compound. Whatever route you take to achieve your weight loss goals remember before purcahsing ensure you have contacts details either a telephone number of a business address.

Do not rely on just an email address for communication. Some websites are based in the back of beyond – if you need to contact for whatever reason this may prove problematic.


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Diet Pills Without Prescription

Buying Non Prescription Diet Pills

Non Prescription Diet Pills

Buying a diet pill over the counter from a health store or online via the web can be a lot more problematic than qualifying for a prescription slimming pill.

For a majority of the population who are not considered obese or morbidly overweight – the doctor prescribed route is not an option and so are faced with the task of choosing a diet pill off the shelves or via the internet that not only works (aids weight loss) but is also safe and relatively side effect free.

The thing to remember is that the diet pill industry is big business – some slimming pills cost pennies to produce and are sold for tens of pounds – the mark up and profit margins are huge. If a diet pill is effective then it will be money well spent – if it does not then it is not only money that has been wasted but valuable time.

Wasting time and the disappointment is probably more of an issue than wasting money. If a dieter has spend a couple of hundred pounds on a 6 months course of weight loss and the product is proving to be ineffectual then they are highly unlikely to try a diet pill (different brand) in the future – they may even give up on the idea of trying to lose weight altogether.

Buying An Effective Diet Pill

The products that can be purchased over the counter at health stores such as Holland and Barrett, Superdrug and Boots the Chemist are highly unlikely to produce a dangerous side effect – the products sold in UK from well recognised and reputable health stores do tend to be thoroughly researched – the possible repercussions from not researching could be disastrous for them.

Examples of diet pills sold at UK healthstores are:

Adios Boots Diet Aid Cabbage Soup Diet Pills and    LipoBind to name but four. All can be obtained without a doctors prescription and bought from one of the health stores mentioned above. The safety issue is paramount from products purchased from reputable big brand high street stores and so it has to be said that although these product can aid weight loss they are not most potent of formula’s.

Buy Diet Pills Online

This is the area where dieters can often fall victim of ineffective diet products and can fall victim to so called diet pill scams. Without wishing to directly call in to question any particular brand a glance through or reviews should give you an idea as to which diet pills to to avoid.

Fat burners in general are not great. Fat blockers and fat binders are by the most effective. The prescription only Xenical is an example of a fat blocker but cannot be purchased as it is prescription only.

There is presently a commercial version Xenical available without the need for a prescription called Alli – it is a lower strength Xenical but in all honesty it is not that great and does possess some side effects – although not a serious health more an inconvenience. Proactol is a fat binder that works in a similar way to Xenical  – it can best be described as the natural alternative to its prescription only rival. Read about Proactol here.

Appetite suppressants are also an effective genre of diet pill with the emphasis very much on tackling the cause of weight gain at source. Hoodia Gordonii is a natural, safe and effective appetite suppressant. More about Hoodia Gordonii here

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